Author: Tim Okoniewski

Java continues to be an important tool for developers more than 20 years after its creation. Regardless of industry, geography, or company size, Java know-how translates into great professional opportunities. Take a look at a few of the more interesting positions that are open right now. TripAdvisor – Software Engineer II TripAdvisor is looking for a software engineer to play a significant role in the development of a strategic new product initiative. While contributing to […]

By Chris Coleman There’s a reason Data Scientist was again voted Hottest Job in 2017 – these analytical people are in great demand by high-profile companies, smaller organizations and everyone in between. Across every industry and around the globe, professionals who understand data and how to apply it in meaningful ways are making a big impact. If you’re not sure what a data scientist does, or if it’s the right profession for you, check out a few of the […]