Our Students Get Lifetime Career Services

Our number one priority is to serve as a resource for students and graduates to parlay their education into a viable career.

Instructor and Student

All our programs offer a Career Skills Module designed to assist students with personal and professional development for successful employment after graduation. This includes:

  • Resume Building
  • Learn job search techniques
  • Understanding your Social Media Presence
  • Preparing for the HR & Tech Interview
  • Developing a positive self-image
  • Assess competitive strengths
  • Aligning educational goals and outcomes with professional goals

Some of the best companies are hiring
our graduates as Software Developers.

What to expect

During the first week of our program, career services will set up an introductory meeting to discuss professional goals and address questions as students start the program. We encourage and promote consistent communication throughout the program as this is key to landing a dream position in the tech arena.  We strive to learn all about our students’ goals and aspirations, as the more we know, the better equipped we are to help students find a career.

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