Computer Support Specialist


Class Concepts

Main Areas of Study

Computer EssentialsIntroduction to computers through terminology, physical components, and application software
Communication, Sharing
and Support Software
Learn computer interfaces, instant chat, and internet based productivity software for communication
PowerShellLearn to perform functions and get information from the computer at the root level
Productivity SoftwareLearn basic techniques of electronic word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software
Operating SystemsIntroduction to computer operating systems like file management, system setup, and data security
Computer HardwareFocus on PC components, functionality, computer construction, and microcomputer hardware
Introduction to DatabasesIntroduction to database construction, maintenance, collection and security
Windows Desktop
Operating Systems
Implement and troubleshoot Microsoft® client OS as desktop operating system in a network environment
Enterprise Desktop SupportIndentify and execute troubleshooting tasks typical of a desktop support technician
Windows ServerExercise the skills and knowledge necessary to administer and support a Microsoft Server
NetworkingLearn information on media, topologies, protocols and standards, and network support
Information System ConfigurationCovered topics include network cabling, wiring, access ports, printers, and scanners
Network SecurityLearn security concepts, policies, and procedures like risk identificaion, intrusion detection, and networks
Utility SystemsInstall and maintain computer software as well as malware, viruses, spam, blocking, and hacking
ITIL FoundationsCovered topics include service development, design, and management
Help Desk SupportOverview skills required to support end-user clients in local and remote help desk support
Customer ServicePractice customer service skills in a business setting with problem solving and critical thinking
Career ReadinessIntegrate learned skills into job search techniques and professional development with exam preparation for certification
Course CatalogDownload the Course Catalog.

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