Software Developer

Our Software Developer curriculum prepares our graduates to excel in the high-demand field of technology as a Full-Stack Web Developer. You will graduate our program in just 33 weeks knowing sought-after skills in all areas of web application architecture and computer science principles using modern tools and the latest technologies available.

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This is not a traditional coding boot camp.

While coding boot camps have recently hit the landscape by force, there is a difference between teaching you how to code and preparing you to become a professional software developer in the world of start-ups and technology companies. The Software Developer program at Woz U is geared specifically to get you career ready, and provide you with a competitive advantage to launch your career in coding and achieve the outcome you are seeking.

If you’re looking to make a career shift, trying to land a job at a local start-up, or looking to become an entrepreneur, the Software Developer program can prove to be a valuable investment.

Name of Class

Main Areas of Study

SWD100 | Coding From Scratch Coding from Scratch Advanced concepts of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
SWD101 | Front-End Foundations Basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Source Control
SWD102 | Programming Foundations Advanced programming concepts with choice of JavaScript and C#
SWD103 | Front-End Frameworks Front-end frameworks and Single Page Web Applications (SPA) with AngularJS
SWD104 | Back-End Services Introduction to concepts of Cyber Security and creating server-side web servers and services with choice of Node/Express or ASP .NET
SWD105 | Database Database concepts, theory, and an overview of various implementations and architectures
SWD106 | Mobile Apps Mobile applications (iOS/Android), Angular and Cordova, and Responsive Design
SWD107 | Agile Project Management Principles of managing software projects and teams, cloud hosting, and application deployment
SWD108 | Individual Project Individual project with a front-end interface and a back-end server with a data store
SWD109 | Group Project Develop a full-stack application as an Agile Project Team