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17 May, 2018
by Alison Tugwell
Getting started with a coding project but not quite sure where to start? This 20-minute tutorial led by our Full-stack Software Developer instructor, Cassandra Matos, will help you get cranking in Git Hub Git Kraken and Visual Studio Code.

Check out the play-by-play below to see what’s covered in this jam-packed workshop. What coding workshop would you like to see? Leave us your comments on Youtube.

Don't miss these highlights:
Set up:

How to use Github, Git Kraken, and VS Code (Visual Studio Code)

0:57~ First step- Download the software  (Visual Studio Code) (

2:00~ Open software after download to begin

2:28~ Extension= open in browser (Download)

3:20~ Download Git Kraken (

4:16~ Last thing for set up, Make a Github account

4:27~ What is Github? = Cloud for your code


5:12~ Get started, First step, Create new project

New repository (Repository Name)
7:20~ Move repository and make clone

Though Git Kraken
8:00~ Connect/ Link Git Kraken and Github

8:18~ How to cone

9:39~ Open VS code (Visual Studio Code)

10:45~ Put files in folder through VS code

10:55~ Two ways to do it, Command line, and Interface

11:13~ Files to add = Index.html, Style.css, Script.js

12:14~ Github band force control

Create a save point
12:53~ Stage all changes- make description

13:45~ HTML code

14:50~ Why do stage points? (Commits)

16:42~ CSS code/ file

How to connect CSS to HTML file
19:12~ How to connect Java Script and HTML

22:20~ Why you need to “push”, the “push” button

23:40~ Why Github is so helpful and needed

25:23~ Q&A
Alison Tugwell

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