iOS Mobile Development

Excel in a high demand field as an entry-level iOS Mobile Application Developer. In 24-33 weeks you will build modern applications that run on Apple mobile devices using both Swift and Objective C.


There’s iOS documentation and a wealth of app building tutorials online which is nice, but at Woz U we’ll prepare you to become a professional iOS application developer. Our program will teach you to create feature-rich, fully functioning iOS apps in a collaborative environment typical in an Agile software development team.


We’ve developed a world-class online learning platform from the ground up with technology-based instruction in mind. You will learn our iOS Mobile Developer program by taking advantage of:

  • HD Video Instruction
  • Captivating Content
  • Browser-based Labs
  • 1-on-1 Mentors

Woz U prepares students for successful, rewarding careers in the field of software engineering and we help get you there by employing:

  • Woz U Connect – Online Employer Network
  • Nanocredentials
  • 1-on-1 Career Planning
  • Custom Resume and Cover Letter Reviews
  • Job Search and Interview Assistance

Woz U graduates are encouraged to return, free of charge, to refresh their knowledge in their chosen career track, learn new technologies and find new opportunities.


Class Concepts

Main Areas of Study

Introduction to iOS DevelopmentFoundational knowledge of the platform and tools required for iOS development, including the Xcode IDE, iOS O/S, and Git source control.
Programming Foundations in SwiftAdvanced object-oriented programming concepts of Swift for developing iOS apps
Objective C for Swift ProgrammersProgramming concepts of Objective-C for maintaining and extending existing iOS apps and converting between and mixing Objective-C and Swift code
Mobile UIMobile User InterfaceModern standards and best practices for designing and developing User Interfaces for iOS apps including UIKit
Mobile DataConcepts and application of data management locally on a device and remotely using web- and cloud-based services
App Services and SystemsAdvanced app capabilities for creating useful and engaging user experiences, like mapping, home automation, health monitoring and more
App Store and DeploymentProcesses required to document, test, publish and monetize iOS apps utilizing the App Store
Analytics and MonitoringAdvanced concepts for monitoring user engagement and the performance of iOS apps through multiple analytics platforms
Agile Project ManagementPrinciples of managing software projects and teams, cloud hosting, and application deployment through sprints
Project CapstoneWork independently to create a fully-functioning mobile application for the iOS platform combining skills learned throughout each part of the program

If you’re looking to make a career shift as a mobile app developer or engineer or looking to be a tech startup founder, the iOS Mobile App Developer program is the next step. Download our iOS Mobile Developer Informational Handout.