Finish Front-End Development Online Courses and get started in your new career!


Front-end software developers tap into their creativity with code for a living. And you’ll start designing on day one in your first front-end developer course.

Learn the web languages and software programming concepts essential to creating digital masterpieces. With each front-end development online course building on the skills taught in the previous one, you’ll move from building a website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to deploying the JavaScript framework and AJAX to create Single Page Applications.

Graduate from the front-end web developer training program with not only the technical skills but also the flexibility to thrive in the swiftly changing tech sector thanks to Woz U’s Agile team software development training approach.

What You’ll Learn in Front-End Web Development Classes

Train in the technologies foundational to constructing brilliant, interactive user interfaces in this series of 3 front-end developer online classes.

Get the details about each front-end developer course you’ll take in this program below.

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Course Name Course Description—What’s Covered Course Length
Coding from Scratch Coding trifecta: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Intro to Git Source Control System for source code sharing and management. Up to 3 weeks
Front-End Foundations High level JavaScript, DOM interaction, remote source data retrieval, and sophisticated layout methods. Up to 3 weeks
Front-End Frameworks Streamlined coding with the JavaScript framework and applying AJAX to construct Single Page Applications. Up to 3 weeks

*Course length subject to change without notice. Please consult with a representative on specific schedules.


You’re here because you want to upskill, right? But, like for many of us, finding the time isn’t easy. Then this is the program for you.

From flexibility and skills validation to the potential for job security and career satisfaction after graduation, the Front-End Web Development training program has much to offer.

Having an in-demand skillset can give you the upper hand in the job market, especially in an overheating one like tech, where companies need workers so bad they’re looking for skills over degrees.

The numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics back up news headlines about the tech skills gap: software developers are set to see 21 percent job growth through 2028.[1][2]

How many people do you know with boring jobs? A lot, right? Make cold calls, data entry, or whatever routine task that nearly put you to sleep at your old job a dread of the past. Because software development is a career of constant challenge. Solve one problem. Move onto the next. Never a dull moment.

Align your front-end developer course work to your schedule, not ours. Train online at the pace and place best suited to your needs.

Add a certificate of completion upon finishing your front-end web development classes. This credential validates your software development training to skills-thirsty tech companies.


Tyler Wilhelm

tyler wilhelm software developer instructor

Tyler is a passionate instructor of the full stack web curriculum. Having had a difficult time finding capable tutors, he relied on himself to learn programming first-hand. This experience fuels his desire for teaching and catering to each student’s needs and learning styles.

Cassandra Matos-Mendez

Cassandra Matos Mendez full-stack instructor

Websites are the product of creative vision and skilled coding. Who better to teach web development than an art nerd and engineering grad?

Meet Cassandra Matos-Mendez, Woz U’s imaginative Full-Stack Web Development training program instructor. Previously a software development instructor at Tech Talent South, Matos-Mendez joined the Woz U team in April 2017 as a student support lead. A few months later, she took her ‘outside-the-monitor’ mindset to the classroom, where she’s been instructing and inspiring students ever since.

Ready to Launch Your Tech Career? Let’s Go

Ready to Launch Your Tech Career? Let’s Go