8 July, 2019
Originally posted on 8 July, 2019
Belhaven University Online is partnering with Woz U to create a career focused program to allow students to enter the technology workforce within a year while setting them on a path to complete the remainder of their next degree (associate's or bachelor's) for free with Belhaven University.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. and JACKSON, MS., June. 6, 2019
— Woz U, Steve Wozniak’s Education-as-a-Service company, is partnering with Belhaven University to transform the lives of individuals by offering tech-based career training. The Powered by Woz U partnership offers tech-based education courses for career-minded students to prepare for in-demand technology professions. In addition, students enrolled in this fast-track program will be eligible to complete their associate’s or bachelor’s degree for free through Belhaven University Online.

The collaboration between Woz U and Belhaven University exemplifies the importance of education opportunities available to students who want to enter the technology workforce with less debt.

“The Powered by Woz U program is a unique collaboration between the public and private sectors that disrupts the traditional educational norm and ultimately benefits the consumer in terms of skills quickly acquired and less student loan related debt,” said Jacob Mayhew, CEO of Woz U. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Belhaven University and helping people in the Southeast community learn new skills and find new career opportunities in technology.”

In addition to receiving technical skills training that students can immediately use to start a new job, after the software developer program is completed, students will be able to continue taking classes towards their associate’s or bachelor’s degree at a significantly reduced tuition.

“In order to jump-start this partnership in the mid-South, we want to help students complete their next available degree as soon as possible. This is Belhaven’s way to help students ‘complete to compete’!” said Belhaven’s Vice President for Enrollment, Dr. Kevin Russell.

Students enrolled in the Powered by Woz U programs benefit from personalized training while cultivating technical skills in order to establish a career in the technology field. The association of Woz U and Belhaven University immerses students in an EdTech ecosystem designed for learners to quickly gain career-centric proficiency to utilize in the workforce.

“We believe this intense technical computer training with Woz U further enhances the strengths we bring to STEM education, and helps students prepare for in-demand jobs through a quality course of study that gets them into their career fast,” said Dr. Roger Parrott, Belhaven University President. “Belhaven has a proven track-record in its quality of STEM education, with nearly 100% acceptance rate to medical school through the past two decades, and 95% passage of licensure exams of our nursing classes, and engineering partnerships top schools. The Woz U and Belhaven Partnership is a great match.”

For more information about the programs available as part of the Woz U and Belhaven University partnership, visit

About Woz U

Woz U is an EdTech enterprise that is revolutionizing education and training by providing organizations affordable technology curricula and training to offer students and employees. Our vision is to disrupt the current education and training model and creating and powering a new learning ecosystem to elevate human capital in technical careers. With the ultimate disrupter Steve “Woz” Wozniak as our co-founder and namesake, our unique Education-as-a-Service business model is designed to help governments, schools and businesses sustain their ever- changing technical skill gaps and talent demands. Learn more at

About Belhaven University

Belhaven University serves 5,000 students and stands among select Christian colleges and universities with national influence. The University offers 70 areas of undergraduate studies as well as a variety of master’s degree programs and doctoral degrees in education. Belhaven has achieved the distinction of being among only 36 universities nationally accredited in each of the major arts–music, theatre, visual art and dance. The science curriculum is one of only two Christian universities recognized by the White House STEM Initiative. Belhaven has long been recognized as one of America’s “Best Christian Colleges.” Learn more at

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