What You'll Learn

No matter what you call it: Software Developer, Coder, Programmer or Software Engineer, it's all syntax to us. However, one thing is clear... By 2020, there will be 1.4 million more software developer jobs than applicants who can fill them (, and that number is rising. High demand means high salaries.

Full Stack Web Development Program 

Our program prepares you to excel in the this high demand field as a Full Stack Web Developer. We will help you create a fully functioning web application including API's and web services with a modern responsive front-end for desktop and mobile. When you graduate, you will enter the workforce knowing sought-after skills in all areas of web application architecture and computer science principles using the most modern tools and technologies.

In Demand Programming Languages

Java is a back-end programming language that runs on over 3 billion devices--one of the most widely-used languages in the world! Popular uses for Java include mobile app development, website development and creating, editing and updating collections of data.

JavaScript is known as the ‘programming language of the web’. While HTML & CSS are used to create a web page, JavaScript is needed to make it interactive, like filling out a web form or clicking a link. Currently, JavaScript is used by the most popular web browsers in the world including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Developers use the C# scripting programming language to create algorithms and business logic to manipulate the data that was received in front-end development. Fun fact, C# is often used in coding virtual reality (VR) games and is associated with the popular .NET framework.

Ruby is what they call a ‘high level language’; it simplifies many complex algorithms and is great for building prototypes with the Ruby on Rails framework. There are a ton of Ruby projects that you can build upon in GitHub -- an open-source repository for the coding community.

Build Projects in an Agile Team Environment

Our students work in a collaborative environment typical of an Agile software development team used in most workplaces today. Graduates gain practical skills and work habits to start a successful high-tech career.

Build a Portfolio and Interview Skills

Our students build project portfolios to showcase skills to potential employers and are prepared for the technical interviews to help them land their dream job. All our programs include Resume Building, Job Placement Assistance, Interview Prep, Networking Skills and Offer Negotiations.

Tuition Assistance

Our mission is to get students into the workforce faster with less debt so we’ll work with you to find the financial means to begin your new career. Check out our limited-time grants and scholarships to those who qualify:

Financial Literacy Grant

UP TO $5,000

Our largest grant, the Financial Literacy Grant, is awarded to students who commit to particular payment plans prior to enrolling.

Hero Grant

UP TO $2,000

Available for all programs to Military Members (Active, Veteran, and Retired), First Responders (Police, Firefighter, and EMS), and their spouses.

Women in Tech Grant

UP TO $1,500

Open to female applicants who commit to continuous enrollment in any program.

Student Success Grant

UP TO $1,200

Offers financial assistance to students in all programs who may not qualify for the other grants listed here.

Full Stack Web Development
Program Costs

Learn high demand coding skills for as little as $199 a month!

Our Full Stack Web Development programs has full-time, part-time, online and campus-based options available to fit your schedule, your individual learning style, and your bank account.

Structured Online Program

33 Weeks • $13,200

Our online classes feature high-quality, video-based curriculum with live access to instructors and mentors to help you throughout the program.

Campus-Based Program

12 Weeks • $13,800

Attend our Scottsdale, AZ Campus in person or virtually from anywhere.

To complete our Software Developer program, you’ll need a working computer with an i5 processor and a minimum of 8 gigs of RAM along with reliable internet service.


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Whether its full-time immersive or part-time online, we'll choose the program that fits your lifestyle.


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Graduate and be qualified for entry level jobs in high paying, high demand careers! And with Woz For Life and lifetime Career Services, your career is Future-Proof!


The Reviews are In

“Woz U gave me the deep dive into software education, setting me on the path to becoming a software developer. Since certification, I’ve been involved in several corporate level SaaS projects and have had the pleasure of engaging in a successful startup venture.”

“In my new job, I have to be able to learn new things at a moment's notice. Woz U prepared me to be able to jump into a topic in a short period of time while gaining the knowledge to complete the task.”

“Overall, I loved Woz U. It has given me the confidence to learn, grow, and seek a career in software development. I highly recommend this program to anyone who thinks they want to code but doesn’t know where to start.”

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