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30 August, 2018
by Nicole Nelson
Content Marketing Manager
This group of Woz U Alumni went on to create their own tech company, Screen Art Studios! More recently, they have endeavored into the wold of Machine Learning and created an app to make diving into JavaScript & Machine Learning easier for developers to grasp.

Don't miss these highlights:
Video Key Points:

00:38 - Computer neurons
01:48 -  Interactive Demo: AI Neuron
02:15 - How to code a neuron
03:42 - Example of a neural network + inputs and outputs
05:15 - AI library for beginners
06:00 - Interactive Demo: Training AI
07:30 - Interactive Demo: Coloring text with AI
08:25 - Questions
09:00 - Question on training loops
15:05 - Question on Google Cloud Vision
16:02 - Question on AI JavaScript library
18:45 - Question on synaptic branches
20:58 - Question on GBU

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Nicole Nelson

Nicole is Woz U’s social media and content manager who loves to build communities and break though barriers to find common ground. After graduating college, Nicole joined Woz U as an intern and quickly rose up in the ranks to become the voice of the brand on social. When she’s not documenting Woz U’s Demo Day, you can find her cheering on her local soccer team or getting her ‘zen' on practicing yoga.

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