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Belhaven University and our Powered by Woz program prepares you to excel in this high demand field as a Software Developer. We will help you create fully functioning web applications including how to leverage API’s and web services with for modern responsive front-end skills for desktop and mobile websites. When you complete the program, you will enter the workforce knowing sought-after skills in all areas of web application architecture and computer science principles using the most cutting edge tools and technologies!

The Woz U Edge


Our team of peer mentors are solely dedicated to helping each student succeed through the program.

Lifelong Learning

To help your growth as a professional, after you successfully complete our academic program you will be provided free access to all updated Woz curriculum and future programming languages we offer.

Career Services

Our career services team will help you and prepare you for upcoming interviews.

Get Fast-Track Training for Software Development

+ Complete your next (associate's and bachelor's) degree for FREE

Belhaven University’s powered by Woz U™ Software Developer fast-track program prepares you to become workforce ready with expertise to be recruited into one of the future’s fastest growing high-paying job markets!

In less than one year you’ll complete your developer training and be ready to join the TechForce of tomorrow! Plus, you can come back to Belhaven University Online and complete your next degree (associate's and bachelor's) for FREE.

Belhaven University is proud to partner with Woz U™, the training company built by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniack. The credit hours earned in real world developer coding will give you the skills to work immediately in the growing fields of software engineering and web development technologies.

Complete to Compete

Your future is bright at Belhaven University powered by Woz U™

  • Software Engineering coding skills employers need today.
  • Woz for Life*. Lifetime benefits to keep your skills up to date.
  • AA or BA Degree completion Tuition FREE for students who successfully complete the 35 week Powered by Woz program.
*Belhaven University students who successfully complete the Powered by Woz program, have access to additional Woz U curriculum, including new courses that are added as technology changes in the years ahead through Woz For Life.

Offer to Complete Your Degree for FREE

Students who successfully complete the Powered by Woz U software developer training (16 credit hours) before January 1, 2021, will be eligible to receive a tuition scholarship for the balance of their academic work need to complete their next level degree – AA or BA.

*Additional Information:
  1. First academic work at Belhaven must be with Powered by Woz, Software Development program (16 credit hours). Current/previous students are not eligible,
  2. Degree work must begin no later than four (4) months after successfully completing 16 Hour coding curriculum,
  3. After beginning the remainder of the degree program, students must be continually enrolled to graduation,
  4. Scholarship covers up to 60 additional hours beyond coding curriculum, or the completion of an AA or BA,
  5. Scholarship is granted for tuition only. Students are responsible for the cost of books and additional fees,
  6. Tuition scholarships are awarded only after students receive eligible government grants (FAFSA submission required) and corporate educational benefits.

About Belhaven University

Belhaven University serves 5,000 students and stands among select Christian colleges and universities with national influence. The University offers 70 areas of undergraduate studies as well as a variety of master’s degree programs and doctoral degrees in education. Belhaven has achieved the distinction of being among only 36 universities nationally accredited in each of the major arts–music, theatre, visual art and dance. The science curriculum is one of only two Christian universities recognized by the White House STEM Initiative. Belhaven has long been recognized as one of America’s “Best Christian Colleges.”
Learn more at https://www.belhaven.edu/

About Woz U

Woz U is an EdTech enterprise that is revolutionizing education by providing organizations affordable technology curricula and training to offer students and employees. Our vision is to disrupt the current education model and create a new learning ecosystem to elevate human capital in technical careers. With the ultimate disrupter Steve “Woz” Wozniak as our co-founder and namesake, our unique Education-as-a-Service business model is designed to help governments, schools and businesses sustain their ever-changing technical skill gaps and talent demands.  Learn more at woz-u.com.

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