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5on BirdEye,Jan 05, 2021


It's very challenging for every assignment

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Wonderful, Millard! We're happy to see that you have enjoyed your experience at Woz U .

5on Google,Jan 03, 2021


I just completed the Cyber Security program at Woz U and have to say that it is a great program. The material covered is current and relevant and the Instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend this program.

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Thank you so much for your kind words, Pete. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us.

5on Google,Dec 29, 2020


Thanks too Woz U, I was able to learn the things I wanted too Nd needed to, so I could become a computer programmer!! The curriculum along with the hands on, was very helpful in learning So I could understand Full Stack Development. This has made it so I understand the programming field better than I ever have, I know how to make a site, deploy the site Nd debug my site..I feel confident in moving on to find a professional job in this career.The fact that career services has contacted me since I graduated is helping me get a job. I’m learning how to use LinkedIn so that i can apply for jobs, Nd not just any jobs the jobs I should b looking for. Now that ima graduate I’m looking for a junior, position in all fields...

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Wonderful, Andrew! We're happy to see that you have enjoyed your experience at Woz U .

5on Google,Dec 24, 2020


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Thanks for taking the time to share your experience, Bryan!

5on BirdEye,Dec 15, 2020


Enrollment was not only effortless, but it was also a profoundly inspiring experience. I am grateful for Mrs Donnalee's sincerity and grace, as she helped counsel me through the pangs of grief from a very freshly broken heart while simultaneously, miraculously, and in an almost superhuman fashion making a breeze of the paperwork, despite regular interruptions from my interjectory tears. Her humanity and patience brought me to a place of hope. Despite beginning the day hopelessly depressed, with a bit of further help from Mr Rodriguez, I was surprised to find that, of all days, today would be the "maybe someday" that I took my first steps down the path of a 20+ years deferred dream to a new career in tech. Thank you so much!

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Thanks, Timothy! We appreciate the excellent rating, and we are happy to see that you've had a good experience.

5on Google,Dec 14, 2020


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Thanks, Aenoi! We appreciate the excellent rating!

3on BirdEye,Dec 10, 2020


to write a honest review what I felt about Woz U is: "if you are like in the middle of the ocean of information, Woz U would help you to find some path if not the path you desired to go.."

5on Google,Dec 08, 2020


Data Scientist course. it will prepare you for this new field. It teaches the most commonly used software in machine learning and other data analytics. the instructor get back very rapidly when having coding problems.

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Thanks, Patrick! We appreciate the excellent rating, and we are happy to see that you've had a good experience.

5on Google,Nov 25, 2020


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Thanks for taking a moment to share your rating, Elijah! We really appreciate it!

Recommendedon Facebook,Nov 23, 2020

Linna Y

So far so great🙌 the enrollment process was awesome.

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Hi, Linna Y! We are so happy to hear about your positive experience at Woz U! Best wishes to you!