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As the tech industry expands, the employment market for skilled data science professionals is growing rapidly. Complete your training for the most in-demand jobs in Data Science and Big Data in less than 8 months.

Data Science Training Program Powered by WOZ U

Learning delivery partners use powered by Woz training to deliver online data science training preparing you for industry-preferred certification exams. Tackle even the most daunting of data sets, transforming them into the fuel for industry innovation using computer science and applied mathematics theories and techniques such as the modeling and decision trees employed in Big Data and Machine Learning.

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Data Science for Big (Data) Careers

Calling all problem solvers! Does analyzing data to provide insights and make decisions sound like an exciting way to spend the day? How about many days? Find out if becoming a data analyst is the career for you.

Data Science Skills

Data Science skills are in-demand across an array of industries. Training can help you learn them.
But, what skills can you expect to learn from our data science program?

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Through our network of accredited partner schools, you will receive Woz U curriculum created by industry experts and employers to enhance your career development.

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Why is WOZ Learning Different

Data Science Program At-A-Glance

Woz U Data Science program prepares you for an entry-level career in big data and data science. Plus, see all of the resource available to you to get the Woz U Edge.

Data Science Courses

The study of data is about extracting, analyzing, visualizing, managing and storing data to create insights. These insights help the companies to make powerful data-driven decisions.

Learn data science fundamentals to get you started, like descriptive and inferential statistics and probability. Learn the basics of navigating spreadsheet programs like MS Excel and perform z-tests, t-tests, Chi-Squares, and data visualizations.

Think like a programmer and start programming with the statistical software package R. Become familiar with R practices: complete t-tests, simple linear regression, and correlations while learning data types and data structures for loops. You will use the data wrangling library dplyr and data visualization library ggplot2.

Grasp the principles of creating and monitoring metrics (KPIs) and business best practices for applying them; theory and application of statistical process control; survey development, measurement reliability and validity utilizing agile development and Waterfall project management.

Perform data wrangling and complete data recoding in Python and R. With clean data, create insightful visual representations like infographics using Tableau, R, and Python.

Build upon statistics fundamentals in Python, to learn advanced techniques in Python such as t-tests, Chi-Squares, and correlations. In R, you will perform Analyses of Variance (ANOVAs), Multivariate Analyses of Variance (MANOVAs), and covariate work. Deeply understand statistical power.

Breakdown the theory and applications of machine learning, focusing on clustering, random forests, decision trees, and more in Python. Instruction in other useful modeling practices in R and Python, such as linear regression, non-linear regression, and logistic regression is also provided. Plus, learn Natural Language Processing in Python.

Learn about the Hadoop ecosystem while using Hive, Pig, and Spark for big data analytics. For additional cloud computing knowledge, utilize Amazon Web Services.

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Learn the foundation of building a database including query databases and join tables in MySQL. In addition, learn to query documents in NoSQL using MongoDB.

Get the key data science programming language: Python. Explore algorithms, data types, Boolean logic, data structures, best practices, debugging, and object-oriented programming. Databases master extracting and organizing data using SQL and NoSQL databases.

Pick real-world data of interest and questions to answer with that data. Practice Agile teamwork in wrangling, mining, and analyzing data for a completed project published on Kaggle and GitHub.

Start Your Path to a Data-Driven Career

Many companies are looking to fill hiring gaps for jobs related to big data and data science. Learn more about how Woz U and our partners schools can prepare you for a tech job.

Data Science Testimonials

Hear from past students how Woz U online software development courses has impacted their personal and professional development.

“I just graduated from the Data Science Program. Overall, I am very happy with the new skills I have and can use them to advance my career.”

Amy Gerrish.
Junior Data Scientist,

“Woz U instructors and mentors want nothing more than for me to succeed. They had my back from start to finish and can’t thank them enough.

If you are considering a career change, I highly recommend Woz U!”

Kruz O.
Woz U Graduate

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