• Fast, Industry Proficiency and Solution-Driven Career Training
  • Support Inside and Out of the Digital Classroom
  • Welcoming and Helpful Community Learning Environment
  • Flexible Training Programs for Learning In-Demand Tech Skills

These are just some of the reasons why Woz U alumni said they chose to train for careers in software developmentcyber security, and data science with Woz U.


“Woz U’s online software developer course gave me the freedom to get the skills I needed at my own pace. Thanks to the skills I gained over the six-month course, I’ve now developed scores of websites and multiple hybrid mobile applications.”

Royce B. Woz U Graduate
Web Developer, Screen Art Studios

“In my new job, I have to be able to learn new things at a moment’s notice. Woz U prepared me to be able to jump into a topic in a short period of time while gaining the knowledge to complete the task.”

Brandon Rabe Woz U Graduate
Software Engineer, Glassbiller

brandon rabe woz u testimonial

“I can attribute a sizeable amount of my success to Woz U’s online courses. Within less than a year I was able to gain numerous valuable coding skills, plenty of networking opportunities and the mindset needed to be an innovator in tomorrow’s tech industry.”

Kristoffer St. John Woz U Graduate
Software Developer, Screen Art Studios

“I just graduated from the Data Science Program. Overall, I am very happy with the new skills I have and can use them to advance my career.”

Amy G. Woz U Graduate
Junior Data Scientist, Outlier

“Overall, I loved Woz U. It has given me the confidence to learn, grow, and seek a career in software development. I highly recommend this program to anyone who thinks they want to code but doesn’t know where to start.”

Chris Short
Software Developer, Van Doren Sales

Sean Dennehy, Powered By Woz U Graduate

“My experience with Woz U has been over overwhelmingly positive. I spent almost 10 years in the U.S. Army so anyone who served will understand that I was originally skeptical of an all online training environment. But everything From signing up with my G.I Bill to the finial project was a exhilarating experience. Special shout out to Rick my mentor through the entire Full Stack Developer Course. 10/10 would recommend.”

Sean Dennehy
Powered By Woz U Graduate

Sean Garrison, Powered By Woz U Graduate

“As a place to give you the broad wide foundation to get you on the road to learning, Bootcamps never teach you mastery and Woz-U is no different. But, it does teach you how to learn, how to grow, … and gives you all the basic ground work to succeed. If you put 10 percent more effort in each week (the first half) and 20 percent or just build projects extra (during the second half) you’ll be on par with those graduating 4 year degrees. So, do i recommend it? …Of course! I already do, regularly, to friends and family.”

Sean Garrison
Powered By Woz U Graduate

These are just some of the reasons why Woz U alumni said they chose to train for careers in software development, cyber security, and data science with Woz U. But you might find their experiences during and after training even more exciting: merging passions like art and tennis with software development to produce games and apps with personal flare; troubleshooting real-world problems to discover and innovate new tools; and distilling the future of the tech sector—AI—down to its fundamentals.

Then there are the enduring personal stories. How Woz U helped a student living in his car find housing and graduate to find a job as a full stack software developer. Three best friends in the program who went on to establish a successful business developing custom software for complex websites and apps. And the U.S. military veteran who, after finding university a poor fit, transitioned from admissions officer to student and then husband when he proposed to his then-girlfriend on the day of his graduation from Woz U.

But don’t let us tell you. Hear it for yourselves!

kruz ovando woz u testimonial

Kruz O., Woz U Graduate

“Woz U instructors and mentors want nothing more than for me to succeed. If you are considering a career change, I highly recommend Woz U!”

Kruz O.
Woz U Graduate

Ryan A., Woz U Graduate

“It’s always been fun to be able to show your personality through code and that was always something that was important to me. I decided to make this change in the midst of the teacher walk out as I knew a career change needed to be made. Woz U was definitely a way out for me and a way into something that I really love to do.”

Ryan A.
Woz U Graduate

Richard Charay, Woz U Graduate

“I now have a renewed love of coding. Woz U has reawakened my desire and enjoyment of learning new things.”

Richard Charay
Woz U Graduate