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From Smart phones to smart homes, just about every aspect of our daily lives is shaped by technology.
Some industry leaders predict technology skills will become the base requirement for job seekers across all occupations.
Becoming as vital as reading as writing. The only problem is there are not enough of these tech-savvy professionals. Will you train to play a vital role in Progress?

To be successful, every single one of us has to learn new skills—not just once, but throughout our careers.’ Melinda Gates[1]

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Join the hundreds of graduates from a Woz U Powered program who have landed a job in tech.
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum
    A professional-grade relevant modularized curriculum that is customized to your region’s tech requirements.
  • Vigorous Career Services
    A career coach will mentor you through an effective job search once you graduate.
  • Career Building Profile and Portfolio
    Build your professional credibility with a real-world technical profile. You’ll complete Portfolio Projects over the duration of your program.
  • Learning Experience Platform (LXP):
    Designed with in-browser coding exercises and responsive to Mobile and Tablet users for quick resource access.

  • Nationally Registered Apprenticeship Opportunities:
    We built a program to give you day-one ready skills so we can help place you in entry-level apprenticeship jobs, while creating a path to potentially earn your bachelor’s degree in an in-demand technology field.
  • Robust Virtual Workspace
    Beta: Woz will be launching a workspace that will empower all techies with assessments and relevancy score against open jobs
  • One-on-One Mentorship
    Your personal mentor is your partner-in-code. They are graduates, instructors and industry experts dedicated to your future success and work 7 days a week.
  • Woz 4 Life
    Within your career Track, receive all updated curriculum for free


Whether you want to train to design user interfaces as a front-end web developer, desire to build the servers, applications and databases supporting those UIs as a back-end web developer, or even wield unlimited coding power as a full-stack web developer, Woz U’s training can help you make it happen in a software developer program powered by Woz U.

Full-Stack Web Development Training Program

The tech sector is a hot job market right now, with downright sizzling demand for software developers. Designated one of the Bureau of Labor Statistics fastest growing occupations, software developers are set to enjoy 26 percent job growth through 2028.[2][3]

Equip yourself with the skills to transform ideas into highly functional web realities in as little as 8 months in the Full-Stack Developer training online. Design visually alluring user interfaces with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Build adaptable, reliable back-end frameworks with REST API, SQL and NoSQL systems, and Git.

And the program doesn’t stop with technical skills training. Woz U programs come with comprehensive tech-sector career coaching; mentor support; and ongoing, free upskilling to make sure you get—and stay—competitive in the job market.

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Front-End Web Development Training Program

Websites are often the first impression businesses make on customers, and they rely on front-end web developers to WOW them. Consequently, job growth for web developers is expected to rise at a rate much faster than average through 2028: 13 percent versus 5 percent for all occupations, notes the BLS.[5]

Learn to create impressive user interfaces in only a few months in our Front-End Web Developer training program. Code everything from web browsers and applications to smart locks and vehicle displays with JavaScript. Construct and format websites with HTML and CSS. Thrill clients and their customers with interactive user interfaces using React.

Your web design skills won’t be the only thing you impress potential employers with when you complete the Front-End Web Developer training program. Graduate with a polished portfolio and interview skills. Return whenever new curriculum is introduced to upskill your web developer training for free.

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Back-End Developer Training Program

A well-designed website won’t get companies far if it fails to serve up the pages and information customers are looking for. That’s why back-end web developers are just as crucial as their front-end counterparts. Job growth is equally robust for them at 13 percent through 2028.[7]

Train to architect the system behind the screen of every website in this less than 4 month Back-End Developer training program. Deploy JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create, maintain, and format websites like a boss. Ensure server-side functionality with back-end programming languages and dependable information management with SQL and NoSQL database applications.

Sharpen the soft skills you’ll need to ace interviews upon graduation from Back-End Developer training with the help of career coaches who know the industry inside out. Return anytime new curriculum is offered to refresh your technical skills for free.

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Our personal lives are reliant on virtual assistants, IOT, Connected devices, Connected Cars, and storing personal data in the cloud. CYBER Specialists understand and protect our personal data why we live connected world.

Cyber Security Training Program

A future built with code is more fragile than one of concrete and bricks. Policing virtual boundaries is just as vital as fortifying physical ones to protect national infrastructure and corporate intellectual property.

Cyber security specialists are tasked with this all-important job. And jobs there are many for them. Positions are predicted to be added at a rate 4X the national average: 32 percent.[9]

Train to join the ranks of the professionals battling cyber criminals in the Cyber Security training online program. During this intensive program, CompTIA certified industry expert Karissa Krause will guide you through leading cyber security concepts and applications: from mining for digital vulnerabilities to erecting virtual ramparts with the latest software and hardware defense tools.

Support services accompanying the Cyber Security training program include a team of career coaches and mentors, as well as free reskilling whenever new curriculum is offered.

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When used correctly, data analytics can help leaders better understand their departments and customers and ultimately help them create and execute a more effective product marketing and communication campaigns.

Big Data & Data Science Training Program

Data will drive the future, but not without professionals with the skills to make sense of it all for companies. Currently, demand for data scientists exceeds supply, presenting a huge opportunity and the potential for job security for those with data science training.[11]

How huge? Job growth is projected to be 16 percent through 2028, much faster than the average of 5 percent for all occupations, reports the BLS.[12]

Learn to harness the power of applied mathematics and computer science to glean valuable business insights from even the most unwieldly of data sets. Add the sought-after programming languages R and Python to your tech skillset. Sculpt statistics with Mongo and Node.JS into SQL and NoSQL data management systems. Inform crucial company decisions employing the modeling and decision trees of Machine Learning and Big Data.

Prepare for the job search, interviews, and more with a skills-match-and-fill, online job board; team of tech-savvy career coaches; and 1-on-1 mentorship. Access new curriculum as it’s offered for free, for life.

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