When you graduate from a “Powered by Woz U” university, you don’t just walk out with a diploma in hand and the skills to succeed in your career—you gain a huge advantage as a job seeker.

“Powered by Woz U”

If you ‘re in the process of searching for, transferring to, or enrolling in a new university, there ‘s a good chance that you ‘ve come across the “Powered by Woz U” logo at some point. Perhaps, you ‘ve heard of Woz U ‘s on-going partnerships with universities across the United States and how we ‘re reprogramming education through our social media pages or official blog. Or, maybe, you ‘ve come across the news on your dream college ‘s site announcing a recent partnership with Woz U. Regardless of how you discovered our program, we ‘d like to take a few minutes to explain what it is, how it works and the incredible benefits of enrolling at a “Powered by Woz U” university.

What Does “Powered by Woz U” Mean?

What does “powered by Woz U” mean, exactly? Is it something like being powered by Honda or powered by Google? In general usage, being “powered by” something refers to improving one brand ‘s offering with the technology and expertise of an industry expert (e.g. Ferrari putting their engines in Maserati ‘s vehicles). This has a beneficial effect for both brands, as one receives positive brand exposure by placing their name on a new product, while the other benefits from the improvements to their offering.

In this case, Woz U “powers” participating universities by implementing our cutting-edge curriculum and tools in their existing tech programs. Educational institutions like Belhaven University, University of the Potomac, and Southern Careers Institute are just a few of our key partners.

How it Works

Rather than attempting to replace traditional universities—as coding bootcamps have tried to do in the past—Woz U helps bolster the tech curriculum at established institutions. We do this by delivering course modules through a unique EaaS (Education as a Service) model that gives students at partnering universities access to Woz U material anytime, anywhere. Students at “Powered by Woz U” universities can even learn outside the classroom using our mobile app.

Woz U is also determined to prepare students for the future while reducing the burden of crippling debt that often comes after graduation. One of the greatest advantages of Woz U is that access to our material comes at no additional cost to the student. If you ‘re enrolled at a “Powered by Woz U” college, your tuition already covers Woz U membership.

Not to mention, if you graduate from a partnering university you ‘ll also get access to everything Woz U has to offer—for life. Yes, you read that correctly. When you graduate from a “Powered by Woz U” university, you get lifetime access to continuously updated content from Woz U. If at any time you need a refresher on your tech skills, just log in and take a course to get back up-to-speed.

Why Attend a “Powered by Woz U” University?

In an article we wrote about Online Education vs. Blended Learning, we identified some of the key pros and cons of online schools. While tuition costs at online schools are generally lower than that of a traditional institution, students often don ‘t get the resources they need. After-class talks with professors, live interaction with other learners, career development services, and guidance counselors are all huge advantages of attending a traditional university. For this reason, Woz U works side-by-side with these institutions.

Of course, many traditional universities fall short when it comes to tech education, since technology advances so rapidly. Woz U solves this problem by providing schools with the latest curriculum and updating it as the field evolves. Therefore, when you graduate from a “Powered by Woz U” university, you don ‘t just walk out with a diploma in hand, but also the skills you need to succeed in your career.

Last but not least, you gain a huge advantage as a job seeker. On top of receiving cutting-edge courses built by experts in their field, you get access to our talent-sourcing platform, Woz Workspace. This closed platform helps match desirable Woz U graduates like yourself with leading tech companies and ensures you have what it takes to get your dream job. Just upload your resume, search for the tech job you ‘ve always wanted, and see how you measure up. If at any point you need to brush up on your skills, just head back to Woz U and take any course for free.


Since starting this ambitious new program, “Powered by Woz U” universities have grown dramatically in number. Belhaven University, for example, just joined the program and will begin offering Woz U curriculum to its students in August of this year. According to Belhaven University President Dr. Roger Parrott, “[Belhaven] believe[s] this intense technical computer training with Woz U further enhances the strengths we bring to STEM education and helps students prepare for in-demand jobs through a quality course of study that gets them into their career fast.”

At Woz U, we intend to continue expanding our offerings and increasing the number of Woz U-powered schools to offer tech training to more university students. While we primarily work with U.S. universities, we actually have partnerships with universities all around the world, such as Cuttington University in Liberia. Partnerships like these exemplify Woz U ‘s mission to make sure that every learner is prepared for a successful career in tech.