Led by digital services and consulting leader Infosys, the free platform will help meet the reskilling and employment needs raised by the COVID-19 pandemic

Scottsdale, AZ – Woz Enterprise is proud to be part of a consortium of partners to help reskill and put Americans back to work. Reskill and Restart — powered and led by Infosys Wingspan — is a free online platform that provides skills assessments and training for job seekers, and connects them with prospective employers. Woz Enterprise will develop the training curriculum for the tech sector. Woz Enterprise CEO, Jacob Mayhew released the following statement:

“Woz Enterprise has been working closely with partners like Infosys to find innovative ways to rethink how training can be done. To put Americans back to work, we need to provide solutions that include rapid upskilling for those who want a technology job but have never worked in technology before. This belief is at the heart of all the apprenticeship programs and training solutions we are developing to ensure we are in lock-step with business needs. It also fulfills our core mission of creating a swiftly evolving and essential technology workforce pipeline that not only puts people back to work but provides a much more diverse population of talent than ever before.”

Woz Enterprise is a division of Woz U, founded by Steve Wozniak with the vision of making state-of-the-art technology education flexible and accessible to develop an evolving and essential workforce pipeline. Woz Enterprise builds and delivers customized technology curricula designed to create a career-ready technology workforce. Participation in the Reskill and Restart platform is one way the company is helping to make Wozniak’s vision a reality.

About Woz Enterprise

Woz is an Arizona-based digital learning eco-system designed to train, cultivate, and upgrade talent in technology fields to meet the workforce needs of today and the future. As a division of Woz U, Woz Enterprise helps recruit, retrain, and retain qualified employees with flexible, customizable, career-focused training content, with the option to white-label programs using our proprietary learning experience platform. With a curriculum that is updated every two weeks, we are empowering individuals in high-demand technology careers and helping to close the skills gap while adhering to global technology education and business standards. We help companies achieve their objectives by providing valuable technology training tools to upskill their workforce and ultimately grow their business.