The company is devoting efforts to enhance its Online Program Management platform and content offerings for businesses and higher education partners.

Scottsdale, AZ – Officials from Steve Wozniak’s Education-as-a-Service company, Woz U, appeared today before the Arizona Board of Postsecondary Education to end its direct training program and fully devote its efforts to strengthening its curricula and Online Program Management platform for its partners. The procedural meeting to temporarily renew its state license enables the remaining individuals enrolled in Woz U’s previous direct training programs to graduate. Woz U will relinquish its Arizona license on May 1, 2020. The fundamental business decision allows Woz U to devote more resources to helping current and future partners augment their technology training.

“For the past year, we have redirected efforts to closing the technology skills gap by increasing our partnerships with businesses and higher education institutions,” said Jacob Mayhew, CEO of Woz U. “We are proud of our new Powered by Woz U partners like Belhaven University and TranZed. With Woz U’s content and training methodology, these partnership programs will help close the tech skills gap and develop the innovators of tomorrow.” Woz U was created to fulfill Steve Wozniak’s vision of disrupting traditional methods of educating individuals for tech-based careers. Going forward, Woz U will continue to evolve and innovate, continuously curating and updating content to become the global standard for tech education, while adhering to the highest education and business standards.rrr

Woz U is an Arizona-based digital learning eco-system designed to train, cultivate, and upgrade talent in technology fields to meet the workforce needs of today and the future. Through our Education-as-a-Service model and our proprietary learning experience platform, we offer customizable, career-focused training curricula to help individuals, businesses, and institutions meet their goals, achieve their business objectives, and enhance their education offerings. We’re working to close the technology skills gap by elevating human capital and empowering individuals in high-demand technology careers, while adhering to the highest education and business standards.