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Job Growth for Software Developers

“Nowadays, there’s all this new technology we can use to help solve the world’s problems and not enough people with the skills to do it.” — Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder, Inventor of the Personal Computer, and Woz U Founder.[3]

Smartphones are the first thing people look at when they wake up.[4] And then they check them again on average 52 times throughout the day.[5] Why? Because websites and apps are the go-to for just about everything: work, shopping, entertainment, education, and the list could on and on. These technologies are simplifying processes and solving problems for us.

Software developers are the innovators of tomorrow.

No wonder it’s one of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ fastest growing occupations.[6]

Occupation Job Growth through 2028 (National Average)
All Occupations 5 percent
Computer Occupations 12 percent
Software Developers 21 percent
Software Developers, Applications 26 percent
Software Developers, Systems Software 10 percent
Web Developers 13 percent

As Software Pervades All Corners of the Economy, So Too Do Software Jobs.” — Burning Glass, a labor market trends analytics software company.

The software industry has seen immense and varied growth in recent years. Online postings for software jobs jumped 31 percent from 2007 to 2012, reported Burning Glass in its report, Software Is Everywhere: Growth in Software Jobs Spans the Economy.

That’s 3X faster than job listings overall. Equally impressive, Burning Glass noted these jobs weren’t limited to cities on the West Coast and Northeast but “dispersed throughout the economy, both geographically and across industry sectors.”[9]

So, you could have your pick of industries to work in after graduation, but what were the top 3 employers in 2018?

Top Software Developer Employers by Industry in 2018

BLS Classification Type of Software Developer Total Workers Employed in All Fields Top 3 Industries & Total Workers Employed
Software Developers, Systems Software • Full-Stack Developer
• Back-End Developer
405,330 workers 1. Computer Systems Design and Related Services: 126,960 workers
2. Software Publishers: 21,790 workers
3. Navigational, Measuring, Electromedical, and Control Instruments Manufacturing: 21,300 workers
Software Developers, Applications • Full-Stack Developer
• Front-End Developer
903,160 workers 1. Computer Systems Design and Related Services: 320,220 workers
2. Software Publishers: 87,830 workers
3. Management of Companies and Enterprises: 47,140 workers
Web Developers • Front-End Developer
• Back-End Developer
127,300 workers 1. Computer Systems Design and Related Services: 27,050 workers
2. Other Information Services: 8,950 workers
3. Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services: 7,500 workers


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Have questions about the Software Developer career path? We have answers below.


  • Full-Stack Web Developers: 10 percent to 26 percent job growth through 2028.[20]
  • Front-End Web Developers: 13 percent to 26 percent job growth through 2028.[21][22]
  • Back-End Web Developers: 10 percent to 13 percent job growth through 2028.[23][24]
The top employer for all types of software developers in 2018 was computer systems design and related services.[25][26][27]

However, software developers can work in a diverse range of fields: software publishers; manufacturing; finance and insurance; management of companies and enterprises; and engineering services.[28]

As the world continues to become more digitized, career opportunities for software developers will likely expand across more and more industries.

You might call software developers modern day inventors. The BLS refers to them as “the creative minds behind computer programs.” Front-end web developers typically design the user interfaces of websites and applications. Back-end web developers build the systems behind the screens that control the networks and run the devices. Full-stack web developers do it all![15]

Ready to launch your tech career? Let’s go.

Ready to launch your tech career? Let’s go.