Complete the Back-End Web Developer Course Work in Less than 4 Months!


Back-end developers are the builders of some of the most popular modern destinations: websites and apps. And you’ll start constructing them right away in the first back-end development course of our program.

Throughout the series of back-end developer classes, you’ll learn to erect websites and their supporting frameworks. Move from learning the coding fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to the foundations of information storage using SQL and NoSQL databases. Then customize your courses to train in the back-end programming language and web server technology stack used in the specific field you want to enter.

Get the technical skills to architect seamless digital experiences and the soft ones necessary to thrive in the swiftly changing tech sector under Woz U’s collaborative team training environment.

What You’ll Learn in Back-End Web Development Courses

From the first Java-focused back-end developer course to the database management, programming, and back-end foundations classes, our back-end web development program is designed to give you the skills to play a pivotal role behind the scenes in the construction of websites and apps.

Get the details on what’s taught in each back-end web developer course you’ll take on the path to leveling up your career.

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Course Name Course Description—What’s Covered Course Length
Coding from Scratch Coding Essentials: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Git Source Control System for source code management and sharing. Up to 3 weeks
Database Foundations Intro to databases and their use for persistence in applications, including SQL and NoSQL. Up to 3 weeks
Programming Foundations Learn a back-end language and its related programming environment. Build basic programs using console-based output. Up to 3 weeks
Back-End Foundations Train in a web server technology stack. Learn to respond to HTTP requests with HTML and JSON. Construct Restful APIs. Up to 3 weeks


SPEED and CUSTOMIZATION. Consumers expect both from companies these days. So why shouldn’t you from a web developer training program?

Get both in these back-end developer classes. And MORE.

Experience the Woz U difference from personalized training to skills confirmation to upskilling support long after you’ve graduated. Equip yourself with the skills to enter an in-demand and potentially fulfilling profession afterward.

There’s arguably no better industry to train for than one hungry for skilled workers. And that’s exactly what’s going on in the tech sector right now. Companies need workers so bad they’ve dropped requirements for bachelor’s degrees, instead looking only at applicants’ skills.[1]

The skills gap is more than news hype too. Check out these job growth stats for software developers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: 21 percent through 2028. Compare this to just 5 percent for all occupations.[2]

These back-end developer classes are more than a means to a potentially lucrative career. They’re the gateway to playing an essential role in the technology revolution that’s set to shape the future.

What would this look like on a day-to-day basis? The thrill of solving problems and constantly learning and improving on your work. INNOVATION is the only routine you can expect as a software developer.

  • Train on a flexible schedule.
  • Learn from anywhere in the world.
  • Start upskilling whenever you want.
  • Log back in whenever new curriculum is offered to refresh your skillset.
  • Get a personal team of tech-sector career coaches.
  • Enjoy 1-on-1 mentor support.

Demonstrate your skills on paper to potential employers with a certificate of completion when you finish the back-end web development program.


Tyler Wilhelm

tyler wilhelm software developer instructor

Tyler is a passionate instructor of the full stack web curriculum. Having had a difficult time finding capable tutors, he relied on himself to learn programming first-hand. This experience fuels his desire for teaching and catering to each student’s needs and learning styles.

Cassandra Matos-Mendez

Cassandra Matos Mendez full-stack instructor

Websites are the product of creative vision and skilled coding. Who better to teach web development than an art nerd and engineering grad?

Meet Cassandra Matos-Mendez, Woz U’s imaginative Full-Stack Web Development training program instructor. Previously a software development instructor at Tech Talent South, Matos-Mendez joined the Woz U team in April 2017 as a student support lead. A few months later, she took her ‘outside-the-monitor’ mindset to the classroom, where she’s been instructing and inspiring students ever since.

Ready to Launch Your Tech Career? Let’s Go


Ready to Launch Your Tech Career? Let’s Go