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Become a Full-Stack Software Developer

Complete our Full-Stack Web Development training program online in as little as 12 months! Learn the programming languages powering essential systems and applications in businesses and corporations around the globe with our intensive, customizable coding curriculum.

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Become a Full-Stack Software Developer

Complete our Full-Stack Web Development training program online in as little as 8 months! Learn the programming languages powering essential systems and applications in businesses and corporations around the globe with our intensive, customizable coding curriculum.

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Software developer skills—employers just about everywhere are looking for workers with them.[1] Why? Because code runs the world these days. Take JavaScript, for example. It’s a programming language that powers both the front- and the back-end of nearly any digital experience: smart locks, web browsers and applications, vehicle displays, and even your toaster oven. There’s not much you can’t do with JavaScript.[2]

You’ll learn the Swiss-Army-Knife of code—JavaScript—along with HTML and CSS to create the front-end of a website in our Full-Stack Developer online training program. During this web development training program, students also gain the knowledge to implement a back-end framework with REST API; manage data via SQL and NoSQL systems; and handle source code with Git.

In addition to learning the latest and most in-demand programming languages, students of the Woz U Full-Stack Developer learning path graduate with comprehension in important software programming concepts, such as advanced database structures and authentication and authorization.

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Software Developer Job Growth

Work. Commerce. Entertainment. Relationships. What do these foundational activities of everyday life have in common? They are all increasingly taking place online—in digital spaces.

And who constructs and maintains and repairs those spaces? Software developers.

Needless to say, software developers are among the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) fastest growing occupations.[3]

Occupation National Average Job Growth Rate through 2028
All Occupations 5 percent
Software Developers 21 percent
Software Developers, Applications 26 percent
Software Developers, Systems Software 10 percent


Nationwide, companies are fighting the “War for Talent” by jettisoning the old barriers to entry to jobs like bachelor’s degrees in favor of a search for raw tech skills.[5]

So, once you master coding, where exactly could you work?

Check out the top employers of software developers by industry below.

Industries with the Highest Levels of Employment of Software Developers in 2018

Software Developers, Applications
Industry Total Workers Employed
All Industries 903,160 workers
Computer Systems Design and Related Services 320,220 workers
Software Publishers 87,830 workers
Management of Companies and Enterprises 47,140 workers
Other Information Services 35,070 workers
Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services 33,920 workers

Software Developers, Systems Software
Industry Total Workers Employed
All Industries 405,330 workers
Computer Systems Design and Related Service 126,960 workers
Software Publishers 21,790 workers
Navigational, Measuring, Electromedical, and Control Instruments Manufacturing 21,300 workers
Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services 19,190 workers
Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing 17,810 workers


Software development skills are in-demand across an array of industries. Training can help you learn them.

But, what can you expect if you sign up to learn full-stack web development online with our Powered by Woz partners?

Accelerated Online Learning

Learn Web Development Online in less than 8 months.

Flexible Program Schedule

The structured online Full Stack Developer program starts every 2-3 weeks; subject to availability of instructors and program interest.

Online Web Development Credential Awarding Program

Earn an Online Web Development Certificate upon Completion of the Full-Stack Developer program.

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Learn step-by-step how to become a full stack developer from scratch today!

Course Name Subjects Covered
Coding from Scratch HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git Source Control System.
Front-end Foundations Advanced JavaScript, Interacting with the DOM, Retrieving Data from Remote Sources, and Advanced Layout Techniques.
Database Foundations Learn SQL and NoSQL databases and the appropriate use cases for each.
Programming Foundations Instruction in a back-end language of student’s choosing and its associated programming environment.
Back-end Foundations Learn the web server technology stack, how to respond to HTTP requests and return both HTML and JSON, and how to construct RESTful APIs.
Mobile Apps and Responsive Design Coverage of cross-compilation tools to develop native mobile apps using non-native language/and or native languages. Instruction in software testing, application hosting, and system build.
Agile Project Management and Career Skills Collaborative, iterative software development skills characteristic of an Agile team taught, along with general career skills for software developers.
Deployment and Web Security Learn to securely deploy web applications and mitigate common security attack vectors. Instruction in how to deploy an application to a cloud hosting platform and then automate the process.
Group Project Students receive Agile team experience through group project, taking on a variety of roles, participating in daily scrum meetings, and working individually to complete the tasks composing a shared project.


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The demand for web developers is so strong tech industry behemoth IBM even coined a new name for them, along with other tech workers: “new-collar workers.” Companies simply don’t have the time to wait for workers to learn the necessary skills at traditional 4-year universities. They need workers now. And they’re looking to programs like our Full-Stack Web Development training to produce to them quickly.[8]

In a skills-thirsty job market, the more you know the further you can go. And you’ll learn these vital skills in our Full-Stack Web Development program. Whether you want to make web applications, mobile applications, LLT devices, smart locks or light bulbs, or popular personal digital assistants like Alexa, learning JavaScript will give you the freedom to take on nearly any project.

Not only will you learn JavaScript but also the entire stack of code and web server technologies employed from front- to back-end: web browsing, HTML, CSS, React, RESTful API, and SQL and NoSQL database applications.

Move fluidly through a world increasingly built with code, constructing front-end interfaces and back-end persistence in data bases.

If you live for the thrill of continual challenges and the fulfillment of frequent wins, then becoming a web developer could be the perfect career path for you. Programming is not a direct path from A to B but rather a journey marked by obstacles—and the satisfaction, time and again, of overcoming them. If you’re a natural problem solver, then learning to tackle the coding puzzles of companies around the globe could be for you.

The technological landscape shifts rapidly. Learning to work in the collaborative environment of a typical Agile software development team in our web developer program can allow you to respond quickly and keep projects moving along effectively.

Access our world-class online learning platform anytime from anywhere. Seamless user experience; personalized, cutting-edge curriculum; and support from industry programming vets at the click of your mouse.

Enter the job market career-ready with a portfolio demonstrating your software development skills to potential employers. Enjoy career-services support beyond the online learning platform: from resume composition to interview preparation to job search assistance.


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Our mission is to be the world’s leading talent producer, by creating the most advanced educational ecosystem!

How do we follow through?

Woz U Edge

All of these factors can add up to healthy job prospects and high potential for job placement for graduates of Woz U’s Front-End Web Development training program.

Start when classes open every two weeks (dependent on student interest and instructor availability). Or, opt for even more freedom with our Flex Path web development training online program.

What’s one of the most effective ways to learn? 1-on-1. At least that’s what research has proven. Experience the difference with our team of mentors while training to become a full stack software developer.

The job acquisition process is a whole different animal than web development training, requiring the perfect combination of technical and soft skills and industry hiring savvy. Insider knowledge can offer the competitive edge. And, our team of experienced tech sector career coaches can give it to you.

From composing an effective electronic profile and resume to career coaching workshops to 1-on-1 sessions and mock interviews, we’ll help propel you from web development training to full stack developer career.

  • Faster than Average Job Growth.
  • Tech Skills Gap.
  • Technical Skills Training.
  • Agile Collaborative Team Learning Environment.
  • Career Coaching & Job Search Support.
Woz U Certification


You can’t code the future with yesterday’s programming languages, and these days, out-with- the-old-and-in-with-the new is a regular and rapid occurrence in the tech industry. We keep Woz U grads’ skills relevant through our Woz-U-for-Life Promise: come back anytime to upskill with our online curriculum. For free. For life. Woz U has you covered.


*Based on partner institutions’ terms and conditions, subject to those who qualify.[10]


Have questions about the full-stack software developer career path? We have answers below.

Yes, software developers are in demand. The BLS cites 21 percent job growth for software developers through 2028[17], more than 3 times the national average for all occupations of 5 percent. Software developers, applications, are expected to enjoy 26 percent job growth during this time frame and are on the BLS’ list of 20 fastest growing occupations.[16] The BLS reports that software developers, systems software, should see 10 percent job growth through 2028.[17]
Full-stack software developers work in a host of industries. The top two fields for software developers specializing in applications or systems software in 2018 were computer systems design and related services and software publishers, notes the BLS.[18][19]
Full-stack software developers can do it all. They can design the visible part, or user interface (UI), of websites and applications people interact with, which is often referred to as the “front-end.” A full-stack software developer can develop the underlying systems, such as the databases and infrastructure, running these devices and controlling their networks, also known as the “back-end.”[11][12]

Ready to launch your tech career? Let’s Go.

Ready to launch your tech career? Let’s Go.

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