Prepare for the CompTIA Security+ Exam

Learn the latest skills to defend corporations and the country’s data from cyberattacks in our cyber security training program. Prepare yourself to play a pivotal role safeguarding major IT infrastructure in less than 8 months! 

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Cybersecurity Training Overview

Learn fundamental cybersecurity concepts to uncover organizations’ technological vulnerabilities. Fortify networks with cutting-edge hardware and software defense tools. Put your security training to work to take down cyber attacks.

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Secure Your Future with a Career in Cybersecurity

Become a (cyber) security guard. Cybersecurity professionals protect their organizations from attacks and data breaches. Is a career in cybersecurity right for you?

Learn Cybersecurity Skills

Cybersecurity skills are in-demand across an array of industries. Training can help you learn them.
But, what skills can you expect to learn from our cybersecurity program?

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Through our network of accredited partner schools, you will receive Woz U curriculum created by industry experts and employers to enhance your career development.

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Why is WOZ Learning Different

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Cyber Security Training Program At-A-Glance

Download the guide to see all the resources that are available to you with the Woz U Cybersecurity program.

Cybersecurity Courses

Data and property destruction; business disruption; proprietary data; intellectual property; and strategic information theft are all problems that is occurring in today’s society.
Get the skills to stop them with our comprehensive cybersecurity training curriculum.

Learn security fundamentals like basic security concepts, threat actors and attributes, and organizational security. Look at how cyber security impacts policies, procedures, and frameworks, and learn how security controls business impact analysis; create risk management process; incident response and disaster recovery.

Get key network administration and support skills. Course covers media topologies, network support, and protocols and standards.

Security focused system administration essentials covered: installing and configuring network components to support organizational security; OS familiarity; vulnerabilities; threats; security protocols; and secure system design.

Learn essential hardware and software tools available to defend a network against cyber-attacks and to access the security posture of an organization. Learn how to identify the impact of vulnerabilities through penetration testing and vulnerabilities testing.

Instruction in the concepts and methodologies of Cryptography and Access management: cryptography algorithms to ensure safe transmission, storage, and use of sensitive information; account management techniques; and access management controls.

Receive the knowledge and skills to interpret and analyze the standard logs security technologies produce, specifically Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems. Introduction to forensics analysis and chain of custody.

Train in one of the most popular programming languages in use today for general purpose applications, which can serve as a strong foundation for the rest of the program.

Instruction in the theoretical knowledge and technical practices of Project Management and Web Application Security, including the practices and methodology for software project security and software development project management within the Agile framework.

Review of the Fundamentals of Threats and Vulnerabilities, such as those pertaining to software, hardware, and society (Social Engineering). Learn to identify, compare, and contrast the different types of attacks and their impacts.

Perform cyber security analysis within a collaborative group setting (SCRUM).

Start Your Path to a New Career in Cyber Security

Organizations are experiencing huge gaps in the talent pool. Learn more about how Woz U and our partners schools can prepare you for a job in cybersecurity and cyber defense.

Cyber Security Training Testimonials

Hear from past students how Woz U online cybersecurity courses has impacted their personal and professional development.

“When I started with Woz-U, I was working in an entirely different field of work, and had no prior cyber experience or knowledge coming in. The instructors, classes and labs took me through the need to know knowledge for today’s cyber roles. One instructor told me basically you learn half of Network+, all of Security+, and half of Pentest+. I have to say it was a pretty accurate representation, and after graduating from the program, I was able to do a little review and studying for Security+, and passed it on my first attempt. The program helped me make a significant career change, and one that I am excited for. The instructors I worked with were both very knowledgeable in the field and have a lot of great experience to share with students. Lastly, this online program is also one of the most cost effective at the time I had enrolled, and anyone looking to do a career change into cyber who doesn’t want to spend another 20-30 thousand at a traditional university setting, I strongly encourage you to check this program out. Thank you Woz-U.”

Peter Soverns
Cyber Security Woz-U Grad

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