Royce B, Web Developer

“Woz U's online software developer course gave me the freedom to get the skills I needed at my own pace. Thanks to the skills I gained over the six month course, I've now developed scores of websites and multiple hybrid mobile applications.”

Royce B. Woz U Graduate
Web Developer, Screen Art Studios

Brandon R, Software Engineer

“In my new job, I have to be able to learn new things at a moment's notice. Woz U prepared me to be able to jump into a topic in a short period of time while gaining the knowledge to complete the task.”

Brandon Rabe Woz U Graduate
Software Engineer, Glassbiller

Kristoffer S, Software Engineer

“I can attribute a sizeable amount of my success to Woz U's online courses. Within less than a year I was able to gain numerous valuable coding skills, plenty of networking opportunities and the mindset needed to be an innovator in tomorrow's tech industry.”

Kristoffer St. John Woz U Graduate
Software Developer, Screen Art Studios

Amy G, Data Science

“I just graduated from the Data Science Program. Overall, I am very happy with the new skills I have and can use them to advance my career.”

Amy G. Woz U Graduate
Senior Programming Analyst FedEx

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