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There are 627,000 open tech jobs in the U.S. alone and the majority are software developers or engineers and that number is rising rapidly. High demand means high salaries.

Define yourself as a software developer

You (n): A lifelong creator that was born to build solutions that make the world a far better place.
Software Developer (n): An individual who researches, designs, creates, programs and/or tests computer software.

No matter what you call it: Software Developer, Coder, Programmer or Software Engineer, it's all syntax to us. However, one thing is clear ...


Our software developer program is personally designed to give you the competitive advantage; learn to code at lightspeed in as little as 12 weeks.

Personalized Curriculum

Start with building a solid foundation in computer science principles and then learn the three primary aspects to create a web application:

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Database design


What you’ll learn

Whether it’s Javascript, Java, Ruby or C#, we’ll help you find out what is most in-demand in your area. Yes, programming languages can be regional.

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We’ve developed a world-class online learning platform from the ground up with technology-based instruction in mind. You will learn our Software Developer program by taking advantage of:

  • HD Video Instruction
  • Captivating Content
  • Browser-based Labs
  • 1-on-1 Mentors


Woz U graduates are encouraged to return, free of charge, to refresh their knowledge in their chosen career track, learn new technologies and find new opportunities.

Programming Languages


JavaScript is a front-end programming language that’s so popular, it is known as the ‘programming language of the web’. While HTML & CSS are used to create a web page, JavaScript is needed to make it interactive. Fill out a web form or click a link and that is JavaScript at work. Currently, JavaScript is used by the most popular web browsers in the world including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Course Modules Where You’ll Learn JavaScript: Coding from Scratch, Front-End Foundations,
Cloud Deployment

Job titles: Front-End Developer, Software Developer, Software Engineer, Web Developer


Java is a back-end programming language that is one of the most widely-used programming languages in the world; it is estimated to run on over 3 billion devices! A few popular uses for Java include mobile app development, website development and creating, editing and updating
collections of data.

Course Modules Where You’ll Learn Java: Programming Foundations

Job titles: Full Stack Software Developer, Back-end Web Developer, Software Engineer


C# is the most common language associated with the .NET framework. C# is a scripting programming language in which developers can create algorithms and business logic to manipulate the data that was received in front-end development. Fun fact, C# is often used in coding virtual reality (VR) games within a VR distribution and creation platform like Unity.

Course Modules Where You’ll Learn C#: Programming Foundations, Cloud Deployment

Job titles: Full Stack Developer, Computer Programmer, Software Engineer


Ruby is a great programming language to learn if you are a beginner. It is what they call a ‘high level language’ because it simplifies many complex algorithms and you can do more with less code. It is great for building prototypes with the popular Ruby on Rails framework and there are a ton of
projects that you can build upon and reference within GitHub — an open-source repository for the
coding community.

Course Modules Where You’ll Learn Ruby: Programming Foundations, Back-End Services and Cloud Deployment

Job titles: Full Stack Software Developer, Web Developer, Software Engineer


Class Concepts

Main Areas of Study

Coding From Scratch The basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Source Control
Front-End Foundations Advanced concepts of CSS and JavaScript
Programming Foundations Basic programming concepts with choice of JavaScript, C#, Ruby or Java
Front-End Frameworks Front-end frameworks and Single Page Web Applications (SPA) with AngularJS or ReactJS
Back-End Foundations Concepts of server-side software development, relational and non-relational databases, webservers, and software platforms in Express, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, or Spring
Database Foundations Database concepts, theory, and an overview of various implementations and architectures
Mobile Apps & Responsive Design Mobile applications (iOS/Android), Angular and Cordova, and Responsive Design
Agile Project Management & Career Skills Principles of managing software projects and teams, interview techniques, and career search skills
Deployment & Web Security Building and deploying applications to cloud hosting providers and key concepts of web security
Project Capstone Develop a full-stack application as an Agile Project Team

A full stack education for life

No matter what programming path you decide to take, there is no wrong decision. You can always come back and continue your education as we continue to add lessons and languages at no additional cost! The following are the three primary aspects to your full stack software developer education:


This is the actual presentation of your website — how it is laid out in browsers and on mobile devices. A dedicated front-end developer will be experienced in working with HTML and CSS as well as JavaScript. Additional skill sets of a front-end developer that are learned at Woz U are the React/React/JS, Angular/AngularJS, responsive web design and user experience design (UX). A powerful front-end developer can identify the look and feel of a site while assessing the technical capabilities of the design.


Creating, editing, updating and recollecting data are some of the processes most associated with back-end development. Some of the common programming languages used in back-end development are Java, C#, Ruby and JavaScript. A well-trained back-end developer troubleshoots slow applications and can determine how scalable their websites are to include more users. They are able to take information from front-end development to solve complex problems on the backside of the terminal.


Learning database design allows you to create the structure and interactions that allow your web application to store and manipulate large sets of data. Woz U teaches both relational databases like MySQL as well as non-relational management systems like NoSQL with Mongo and Node.JS..

In addition to the above, the Woz U student is exceptionally well-rounded with exposure to other valuable skills such as Web security, Cloud Deployment, Responsive Design and Agile Project Management.

Woz For Life

  • Free lifelong learning and career services.
  • Keep your skills forever fresh and get continued support and access to updated curriculum and added languages as a Woz U student.
  • As technology advances, so will you.
I now have a renewed love of coding. Woz U reawakened my desire and enjoyment of learning new things. -Richard Charay, Graduate Senior Programming Analyst, FedEx
They gave me the skills and training I needed to enter the technology industry as a software developer and jumpstart my way to a new and exciting career. -Joe Waynick, Graduate Software Developer,

How about our outcomes? Here are some stats:


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