Ever wonder how financially rewarding today’s most sought-after and top data science jobs are?

Business Insider says a career in data science is “… the best Job to have in America right now.” But what can you expect once you ‘ve mastered these skills and are on your new career path?

Here ‘s a look at the ten top data science jobs and their annual salary ranges—so you can get a better idea of what may lie ahead in your future when you choose to begin your career ‘s journey with the data science courses from programs powered by Woz U.

10) Data Analyst

  • Annual Salary Range: $77,500-$118,750
  • Increase in Salary Over the Last Year: 3.8 percent


With a data science certification training from powered by Woz U, you could be the next candidate in line to score a job as a data analyst. Companies hire data analysts to convert large data volumes and deliver critical insights into their businesses from them. This job sector is not limited to the technology sector, either. In fact, large companies worldwide—ranging from information technology to healthcare, insurance, automotive, construction, retail, finance and more—rely on data analysts to run their day-to-day operations.

These career professionals are tasked with creating usable insights from collected data. These reports are then used to improve company processes and efficiency—while also helping to decrease cost-to-profit ratios. Executives and decision makers at these companies rely on such reports to ensure profitability and to integrate smoother operational protocols.

9) Database Administrator

  • Annual Salary Range: $98,500-$148,500
  • Increase in Salary Over the Last Year: 3.6 percent


As a database administrator, you ‘ll be tasked with optimizing a company ‘s database for peak performance—while streamlining the resolution of issues and simultaneously safeguarding the database and servers from wear and tear, high traffic volumes and data corruption. Typically, you ‘d also be working in cooperation with a dedicated IT team as well as a security team and integrated protocol to ensure that data is never compromised, and that the databases are accessible by the company ‘s employees at all times.

8) Database Developer

  • Annual Salary Range: $108,000-$161,500
  • Increase in Salary Over the Last Year: 1 percent


A career in data science can also open the doors to you landing a job as a database developer. In this position, you ‘d be helping to improve current database processes, while also working to modernize the infrastructure and improve coding efficiency. Along the way, you ‘d also be tasked with troubleshooting and problem solving on the fly—in combination with debugging and logical reasoning to resolve any found issues that arise.

7) Data Modeler

  • Annual Salary Range: $111,000-$161,500
  • Increase in Salary Over the Last Year: 3.9 percent


Another exciting career that requires mastery of a data science course is a data modeler. These experts handle large amounts of data and convert them into usable insights that help identify and predict trends. Such reports are used by businesses to improve processes and increase efficiency. Typically, experience as a data analyst is required.

6) Data Scientist

  • Annual Salary Range: $116,000-$163,500
  • Increase in Salary Over the Last Year: 6.4 percent


Perhaps one of the most sought-after careers in data science, a data scientist commands a lucrative salary and heads a core position while typically leading a team of likeminded cohorts. Data scientists are tasked with developing ground-breaking algorithms that coincide with predictive modeling systems—resulting in the creation of data proficient prototypes and new analytical methods.

5) Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Annual Salary Range: $118,000-$171,500
  • Increase in Salary Over the Last Year: 4.3 percent


A career as a business intelligence analyst comes with a handsome salary and core proficiencies that require that you analyze and deduce company data, molding it into useful information that ‘s relied on by C-level Executives to improve business operations. In par with this, you ‘d also be tasked with producing independent data reports that serve a similar purpose—and that also help underscore trends, patterns and modernization methods that can improve business operational protocols overall.

4) Database Manager

  • Annual Salary Range: $122,250-$177,000
  • Increase in Salary Over the Last Year: 3.7 percent


A data science courses from Woz U also prepares you for a career as a database manager. These IT experts are tasked with maintaining company databases as well as diagnosing and fixing problems as they arise. They also are responsible for maintaining the database and its corresponding hardware while assuring modernization and compatibility of modifications and upgrades along the way.

3) Data Warehouse Manager

  • Annual Salary Range: $129,000-$179,000
  • Increase in Salary Over the Last Year: 4.1 percent


If you eat, breathe and sleep data, this is the position you ‘ve always dreamed of. As a data warehouse manager, you ‘d be responsible for safely housing troves of data in a secure facility. Much like the title of this position inflects—your core tasks would include managing data storage while maximizing efficiency, and working in tandem with the maintenance, IT and security teams to assure uptime and accessibility.

2) Data Architect

  • Annual Salary Range: $131,250-$184,000
  • Increase in Salary Over the Last Year: 4.1 percent


A data architect isn ‘t a position to be taken lightly, and as such is one of the most desirable data science careers available. The starting salary is reflective of the experience required. These experts help design and maintain data—and its ever-evolving structure—while strategizing efficiency models and ongoing design improvements with a focus on visualization. Typically, this is an executive-level position, and professionals in this field frequently report to C-Level Executives and board members.

1) Big Data Engineer

  • Annual Salary Range: $135,000-$196,000
  • Increase in Salary Over the Last Year: 5.8 percent


A big data engineer is tasked with analyzing large portions of data and converting it into usable insights that are relied on by executives to improve operations across the board. A big data engineer also procures, analyzes, digests and reports on the big data that ‘s flowing to and from a large-sized business; usually gathered from multifarious sources. On top of that, they oversee the hardware, software and data infrastructures to ensure that these—and relative data-based processes—are streamlined and leveraged to the company ‘s advantage.

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