The recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of life including learning and education. The new modus operandi of virtual learning has exposed huge technological gaps in the education system. While both teachers and students have been forced to undertake online learning, many schools have struggled to adapt to the use of technology in conducting lessons. 

Teachers are ill-equipped in terms of coding and technological knowledge and as such unable to pass on relevant information to their learners. These and the necessity for an evolved education system that addresses the technological needs of the current society, are the reasons behind the partnership between Woz U and CredEd.

The Significance of the Woz U and CredEd Partnership

As a digital learning service provider, Arizona-based Woz U has been providing customized training and cultivating talent in the technology industry with the aim of reducing the skill gaps plaguing the industry. 

On the other hand, CredEd is an online platform partnering with curriculum providers to offer teachers and educators access to professional and accredited courses that can hone their skills. Woz U and CredEd have thus come together to offer educators foundational exposure on coding and technology through discounted online training programs.

Additionally, the Woz U and CredEd partnership also provides much-needed information that addresses pertinent concerns of educators, learners, and other stakeholders in the education industry with regards to coding and technology. This includes putting out content that dissects the basics and benefits of coding skills to teachers as well as learners.

The partnership between these two digital education champions was premiered by the virtual Meet-The-Experts series this October. During the session, Chris Coleman, the President of Woz U and Trina Angelone, the Founder of CredEd discussed the importance of a fundamental understanding of coding amongst educators and how these impact other subjects and nurture learners to develop an interest in the technology sector.


Why Do Teachers Need To Learn Coding?

Research shows a high deficiency of educators specializing in STEM subjects. This is in spite of the technological advancements being used across the world and the high exposure of tech gadgets and platforms to students on a daily basis. Very few teachers can confidently answer questions about coding, yet technology today permeates every subject and aspect of life.

Teachers who learn the basic principles of coding can easily answer questions raised by their students regarding technology and coding. Learning the fundamentals of coding can also empower teachers to identify curious students who might excel in STEM courses and inspire them to pursue a career in highly sought-after technology fields.

How Does Coding Benefit Learners?

For learners, coding can pave the way for great careers that keep evolving without necessarily facing the upheavals of traditional professions. Students who learn to code in high school are placed at an advantage as they can leverage these skills in their daily life. They also perform better when they join institutions of higher learning because of exposure to fundamentals.

Ultimately, technology is here to stay and must be integrated into school curriculums. Woz U and CredEd are offering teachers the opportunity to stay ahead in their profession by learning coding and technology courses. These include introductory courses on cybersecurity, data science, and full-stack web development. Fundamental knowledge from these courses earn educators CEU credits, and can be passed on to students to inspire their future careers. Teachers can start learning by enrolling in any Coding for Educators courses at CredEd.