Why do some mobile apps “stick” while others fail to have an impact? The best way to answer the above question is to begin by examining some of the best apps in the market today. Below is a list of the five best apps we think you should download on your mobile phone in 2022, including some of the features that make the apps unique. If you are an individual looking to develop an app, this list of apps will inspire you to follow your dream. The list will also help you understand how the world’s top tech companies achieve their success so that you can emulate them.

What Is the Most Crucial Lesson? Find a Solution to a Problem 

If you are an entrepreneur with a business idea to develop a new app, all the app ideas below are similar. The purpose is to use mobile technology to find the solutions to various types of problems. If you can develop an app that helps solve a significant problem, you are in business!  

Modern times have seen significant advancements in technology. With ever-evolving consumer demand for four different products and services, mobile apps ensure that businesses remain relevant, operational, and competitive. According to the online magazine eMarketer, 2022 saw an increase in the average time adults in the US spend on their mobile devices by 31 minutes. In fact, these individuals spend 88% of their time scrolling through different apps on their phones. This shows how there is an increased demand for mobile technology. 

Suppose you are looking to ensure strong mobile engagement in individuals. In that case, it will help if you create an app that people can use to solve their daily problems while at the same time delivering a phenomenal user experience.  

What Are the Most Popular Mobile Apps in 2022? 

To develop a unique and relevant app, the following are the five most trending apps you need to have on your phone in 2022 and see why they are successful. 


Uber is the number one ride-sharing service in terms of demand. The app connects 110 million riders to drivers in more than 70 countries worldwide. Even with the increased competition in ride-sharing services today, Uber continues to be dominant in the United States.  

The reason this app has been successful is its ability to offer riders a superior user experience. 

A few things the Uber app does right: 

  • The mobile app has a perfect GPS integration with Google Maps. This, indeed, enables riders to drop their pins in exact locations and accords them with the option of revealing their location to the driver. 
  • The app uses seamless payment processing, where riders also have the option of making cash payments in some countries where credit cards are less widespread. 
  • The app calculates prices to let riders know the amount they need to pay in advance. This is common but was an innovative feature of the app when it launched.  

The mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices and is a pay-per-booking service.  


Instagram is a popular social media platform with over 2 billion users monthly. The app offers individuals an easy way of connecting via images and videos. Further, Instagram has gained more popularity among millennials, making the app a powerful tool for advertisers seeking to reach this segment and others. 

A few things the Instagram app does right: 

  • The “stories” feature makes it easier for individuals to capture videos and photos. 
  • Instagram has a feature that allows users to edit videos and photos in real-time for on-the-spot uploads.  

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is free.  


Like Instagram, TikTok is also very popular among mobile apps. Users mostly use the app to create and share highly-creative 15-second videos and short films. TikTok was very popular among teenagers but has since gone mainstream. 

A few things the TikTok app does right: 

  • TikTok’s algorithm is highly-effective in figuring out what most people would love to see, which makes them scroll for more videos. Further, the average user spends roughly 52 minutes daily on the app.  
  • TikTok has an “automatic filters” feature which people can use to enhance their looks on camera.  

TikTok is available for both iOS and Android devices and is free to use.  


Airbnb is an app that helps connect apartment owners looking to rent out their apartments with travelers requiring a place to stay. Today, it is a household name. 

A few things the Airbnb app does right: 

  • The app has powerful filters that help you locate the precise accommodation you need and detail the amenities in the apartment you choose.  
  • The app has a feature that allows you to communicate within it with your apartment hosts. 
  • The app’s payment system is fully integrated and enables you to pay for incidentals. For example, if you misplace your apartment keys, you can compensate the apartment owner for costs incurred to make a copy of the key through the app. 

Airbnb is available for iOS and Android devices and is a paid-per-booking service.  


Netflix is a video streaming app that is in high demand. The app regularly updates its huge film inventory with the most recent movies across many genres. If you are a movie enthusiast, this is the ideal app for you! 

A few things the Netflix app does right: 

  • The app offers its users suggestions based on the content they like, making it engage its users more while also leading to the creation of popular TV shows by Netflix itself. 
  • Netflix allows you to download movies that you can watch later even when you do not have data service. 
  • The app has a parental controls feature, allowing parents to have more control over the content their children download on a family plan. The best part about this feature is, indeed, that parents can do all these through the app. 

Netflix is available for iOS and Android devices and is a paid subscription service.  

Why Should You Become a Mobile App Developer?   

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