Today’s marketers have a significant advantage due to the availability of data and analytics. The marketing sector is no longer the same because data and technology keep evolving and impacting businesses. A report shows organizations using analytics in marketing experience high profits, over 6 percent higher than those who do not leverage analytics. The organizations also experience a higher ROI and a considerable impact in the long run.

With analytics, career, and business people can test, review and optimize processes to improve effectiveness and achieve goals in real-time. If you’ve been looking for an efficient way to achieve your goals, then marketing analytics is an ideal strategy to take off guesswork and give you quality results to boost future decision-making. Here is everything you need to know about analytics in marketing.

What Is Marketing Analytics? 

Analytics in marketing is the use of data to measure, manage and analyze marketing performance, effectiveness and success. Applying technology and analytical processes to your business strategy makes marketing more effective. Analytics then enables you to generate consumer insights and determine which marketing initiatives are more rewarding and successful.

How and Where to Start With Analytics in Marketing

With millions of people searching for products and services online, you stand a high chance of running effective and successful marketing campaigns with the help of data and analytics. Below is a guide on how to use analytics in marketing.

Plan Marketing Analytics Around KPIs

Key performance indicators are effective and measurable data points for achieving specific goals and objectives in marketing. First, define your marketing goals, list all the associated metrics, and identify the key performance indicators before you compile marketing analytics.

If you want to improve your ranking on the search engine, you should first check the organic traffic and number of visitors and determine the suitable keywords to increase your site’s ranking in the search engine. Once your target audience visits your website, you can collect their data and use the information to run your marketing campaigns.

Review Your Marketing Analytics Regularly 

It would be best to keep reviewing your website analytics daily to make the most of your data and enable you to run effective marketing campaigns. This enables you to adjust the campaigns appropriately and avoid using ineffective strategies. Here are things to consider when reviewing marketing analytics.

  Check web visitors and determine if there is a web traffic increase

  Track data sources to determine the most effective channels

  Analyze lead conversation by keyword to know the most popular keywords

  Monitor conversion rate to determine the efficiency of your website performance

  Lastly, measure the ROI to determine the impact of the marketing campaigns

Always review marketing analytics as you progress with your campaigns in real-time to stay updated with what works for the business. If you wait till the end of the month to review analytics, you may have lost a lot of resources, which could take you back to the drawing board. So review the analytics and make the possible adjustments weekly or bi-weekly.

Use Data To Provide Feedback After Campaigns

Organizations using data and analytics can easily get feedback from marketing campaigns and make informed decisions. However, to get the most out of data and analytics, you should dig deeper and consistently aim to evolve the analytics processes and create a layered approach. As you analyze your data, use it to generate feedback about your marketing strategies, approaches, and effectiveness. Below is the feedback you can generate from marketing analytics.

  The success rate of the campaigns

  Images, platforms, and messages which worked best

  If the campaign was worth the expense

  How the camping compares with previews ones

  Total return on investment

  How the campaign compares to the industry averages

  Lastly, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities identified from the campaigns

Once you check all the metrics, you can decide whether to repeat the campaigns or not. If you choose to run another marketing campaign, determine if you want to use the same platforms and strategies. The final decision depends on the impact of the initial marketing campaigns. Remember to keep updating your data platforms to get metrics with useful information.

Use Analytics to Determine Customer Trends

Customer trends and behaviors often change depending on the current marketing trends. It is best to stay updated with the ever-changing customer needs to stay ahead of the game in today’s highly competitive business world. Knowing what your customer and target audience wants can be an easy way to offer satisfactory services and boost the growth of your business.

Data analytics helps you know customer trends and preferences. You can tell what products or services they buy and what they have previously researched online. Data analytics also enables you to segment customers based on their location, age, sex, income, and purchase behavior to run targeted marketing campaigns worth value for your money.

Use Data to Power Product Intelligence

Your customers may have different perceptions about your products. This is why it is imperative to know the impact of your products and how to improve them. Data analytics enables you to gather, analyze and determine the impact of your products on your customers. You can generate this data and insights by speaking directly to consumers or surveys to improve product experiences.

When you generate insights from customers, you can combine them with data from CRM, customer apps, marketing tools, and other relevant sources to harness the true power of product intelligence. This can give you a competitive advantage, leading to increased conversations, leads, and sales in the long run.

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