Every once in a while, some gaming program takes over the world due to its sheer popularity. Flappy Bird ruled the screens almost a decade ago, then Farmville followed soon after. Perhaps it was QWOP which mainly did a real number on people as a web-based game. Similarly, Wordle has taken the world by storm, and with good reason. In a universe where web-based applications offer the same functionality level as mobile applications, it was only a matter of time. Wordle speaks to the leaps and bounds made by web development.

Are you interested in learning how to create a game like Wordle? Well, here’s what you need. 

Hard Skills to Create a Program Like Wordle 

The most remarkable component of building a viral web program is possessing the necessary hard skills. These teachable and transferable skills are quantifiable by testing. You can, indeed, obtain them by attending classes or online courses and by using other training material. These skills also boost your CV and include:  

Computer Programming 

Building a game like Wordle involves learning the actual skill to bring your idea into a reality. The core skill is programming, also known as coding. It refers to essentially writing down a set of instructions for the computer to follow.  

Now, you have to pass the instructions you want the computer to act on in a form it can understand. The instructions follow a specific syntax similar to human languages. This is the entire reason programming languages exist. 

You have to learn a programming language, or several, to effectively turn your human ideas into a form your computer can read and execute. For web development, you will need languages  such as 

  • HTML 
  • CSS 
  • JavaScript 
  • PHP 
  • Python 

Technology Stacks and Integration 

Several computer programming languages exist, and it’s not entirely feasible to learn all of them. It would be ideal to understand those languages which can help you achieve your purpose. This grouping or collection of languages, known as a technology stack, includes languages, frameworks derived from those languages, and other necessary products. Understanding a tech stack helps you integrate each of those languages and frameworks you need.  

You will also have to learn about Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). They allow various web services to communicate with each other. Rather than constantly feeding your application, they can automatically pull the information they require from a different service. 


Female UX architect discusses with the male design engineer as she works on UI/UX for a program like Wordle.

These initials stand for User Interface and User Experience design. You want your application to be accessible to as many people and devices as possible. It points to the creation of a straightforward program that anyone can understand.  

Soft Skills to Create a Program Like Wordle 

Soft skills are usually harder to qualify and quantify. You can think of them as virtues you possess, making it easy for you to handle a situation depending on the context. To be successful at building the next viral web sensation like Wordle, equip yourself with the following soft skills. 


Not everything about programming will go right when you type your code down. Your code may break down in certain sections because you might have done a few things wrongly. It’s not uncommon to make a mistake somewhere, or even miss out on placing a semicolon at the end of a statement. 

Trying to find and solve these problems is what programmers refer to as debugging. Think of it as a crime thriller, where you are both the criminal and the detective. You can expect technical glitches with web and game development. All you require is to have the patience to solve any problems arising.  

Work Ethics and Time Management 

Web development can be an incredibly demanding process. You need to put down thousands of lines of code if your application is to become functional. What this means for you is that the effort and time required to bring your app to life can be overwhelming. This is particularly so if you don’t lay down solid plans for tackling the task ahead.  

Work ethics and time management are crucial to the success of your application. Programming implies spending significant time coding, testing, and debugging. You’ll also need to effectively manage your time to get through all these different tasks and maintain progress. 


It’s one thing to say you want to come up with a viral game, and it’s another to bring it to life. A notable step you have to undertake is to blow an innovative spark into the flame of a web application. The game’s creativity and uniqueness will be the catalyst for getting people hooked to it and ultimately going viral.  

Creativity means taking an in-depth look at an idea and offering exciting twists and turns. The idea or its implementation doesn’t have to be complex. It just requires capturing and holding attention repeatedly. 


You can certainly engage in web development as a solo venture. To save yourself time and mental anguish, it’s always best to cooperate with other programmers. This is because no one expects you to be an expert in all programming aspects.  

Working with others enables you to have the presence of mind to communicate your ideas succinctly. Your vision and ideas are, indeed, central to the implementation of the project. Your collaborators, including musicians, artists, and marketers, should have a clear notion of what you want to achieve.  

Ensure you practice good communication habits to protect yourself from the trouble of re-doing certain parts of your project.  

Ready to Take the Dive Into Web Development to Create a Program Like Wordle? 

Programming offers you immense opportunities. Whether you are looking for a career to make your own, or you’d like to move into a different career in tech, web development makes it easy for you to do so.  

Consider starting afresh with the help of suitable trainers and mentors. They will assist you in lighting up your path. This is the kind of support you can expect to find with Woz Partners. With many training and apprenticeship options, you can start your journey to a career in tech now!