Contrary to popular belief in the corporate world, the tech industry is not only for the young. As a matter of fact, anyone can land a successful tech career regardless of age or current occupation. It goes without saying that the tech industry is a powerful force in the business marketplace, accounting for 35% of the global market. 

As the industry continues to advance and venture into niches, you might be interested in making a career switch to the tech industry. You no longer need to study for a four-year degree to start. Many reputable tech training courses can help you land a high-paying and fulfilling job in tech within a year. 

The Tech Industry Is Always Evolving 

The tech sector is consistently undergoing changes and reinventions. It does not have any status quo. Entrepreneurs in this sector are constantly pushing the limits and producing new and innovative technologies and services. Approximately 305 million tech startups are launched annually throughout the world. As the best among them expand, they keep looking for the best talent to become a team member. 

By pursuing a tech career, you avail yourself of learning something new every day, be it a new product, tech solution, or even what innovations your competition has implemented. This is why you must be flexible and adaptive to have a successful tech career since it is impossible to know everything. 

High Demand for Tech Experts 

Technology has and is always going to be in demand, making a career switch to the tech industry easier. But, we are currently facing the best employment times in the tech world ever experienced. Employers are trying to replace positions affected by the Great Resignation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. They’re taking chances on applicants they would not have considered before, like those moving from other fields. Many of these applicants have proven to be trendsetters, prompting businesses to continue searching for exceptional talents despite their backgrounds. 

Tech Employers are Searching for Diversity 

Employers are seeking diverse people. Employers continuously think about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in today’s labor market. In fact, tenure diversity is undoubtedly one of the most challenging issues to resolve. Companies seek people of all ages, nationalities, genders, and other characteristics.  

According to a McKinsey & Company survey, tech firms are increasingly taking bolder steps to improve diversity. From Newsweek to MarketWatch to Forbes, everyone praises the advantages of recruiting older people with varied career backgrounds. You could discover that growing older is now a benefit rather than a liability. 

Advantages of Pursuing a Career in the Tech Industry 

Before discussing how to get started in the tech world, let us delve into the benefits of making a career switch to the tech industry, including: 

You Can Work Remotely 

Most careers in the tech industry allow you to work from anywhere. This is advantageous for various reasons, including you can work from home, or in a firm beyond your commuting range. It also allows you to expand your career prospects and enjoy schedule flexibility. 

You Won’t Be Restricted to Working the Standard 9-5 Hours 

Most tech careers, like software developers, data scientists, or mobile app developers, don’t require you to work on a specific schedule. You can choose your schedule and perform freelance work, or you can opt to work for a tech firm where you don’t need to work the traditional 9 to 5. Even though not all tech companies are this flexible, many operate in this manner. 

The Constant Advancement in the Tech Industry Provide More Opportunities to Move Up the Tech Career Ladder 

As the tech industry continues to advance, more and more tech career opportunities continue to emerge. Even if you are merely starting, with adequate mentors, the right attitude, and proper mentorship, you can quickly work your way up the ladder.  

Furthermore, it is a fact that the tech industry is not going anywhere; it is merely progressing. This means new opportunities will continue to present themselves to everyone involved. So, it is an extraordinary moment to make a career switch to the tech industry and enhance your career through advanced tech training. 

Do You Need a Four-Year Degree to Work in the Tech Industry? 

Unlike many industries in the U.S., companies in the tech sector, like Google, Apple, Tesla, and IBM, mainly focus on your skills and talents rather than your academic qualifications. Employees in these organizations do not require a college degree. But, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know what you’re doing.  

It is vital to undergo tech training courses to acquire the relevant skills to start a tech career. Luckily, these courses are readily available from several apprenticeship platforms, like Woz U, where you can complete most of them in less than a year. Simply select the area you want to specialize in and get the appropriate tech training. You could opt to invest in a training program or enroll in an apprenticeship program.  

Apprenticeships are a terrific means of acquiring training and landing a tech job in under a year. More opportunities for specialized positions emerge as apprenticeships continue to become an increasingly popular method of uncovering talent within the tech sector. 

Choose Woz U to Help You Make a Career Switch to the Tech Industry 

Woz U is a part of a federally authorized apprentice program connecting people with jobs in the tech industry. It provides people with a unique solution to learning the relevant tech skills while gaining real-world experience, enabling them to begin a tech career in under a year.  

The program provides hands-on training in various tech fields. Other than the training programs offered, qualifying applicants can apply for the Woz Registered Apprenticeship Program, which allows them to train for a career in tech while working in a range of apprenticeships.  

So, if you’re looking to start your tech career, Woz U is ready to help. With ten courses spread out across 33 weeks, you’ll be prepared to embark on your new career venture in the shortest time possible. Click here to learn more about Woz U tech training and apprenticeship programs.