At some point throughout your career, you’ve undoubtedly wondered if the job you’ve selected is right for you. If you have been pondering about changing jobs, don’t be afraid. It is quite natural to change jobs from time to time. In fact, the average individual changes job 12 times over their lifetime. 

It could be time for you to make a professional move, and software development might be the right match. Whether you are a young adult trying to break into the workforce or a middle-aged person looking for a career change, software development is a viable option. As an aspiring software developer, you choose alternative career paths. It depends on your personality and professional goals. Some developers like to lead teams, while others prefer to code.  

How to Start Your Career as a Software Developer?  

The priority is getting the education you need to get started. A bachelor‘s degree is common. A computer science degree includes broad education in several programming languages. Further, it covers a thorough understanding of the history and theory of the field. The length of a bachelor‘s program and tuition cost make most aspiring developers look for other options.  

In the IT industry, boot camps and certifications are two main approaches to building competence. A boot camp is a training program that teaches specific skills over a short period. For technical occupations involving programming and design, boot camps are particularly popular. A variety of boot camps focus on specific skills, such as data science, UX design, and web development.  

On the other hand, a certificate program is a course of study that leads to a certificate in a particular profession, such as systems administration. Certificate programs are based on a set of criteria developed by leading professionals in the field.  

What happens after getting the job and wanting to advance in your career? There are different software development career paths, and knowing what area you want to specialize in can help you plan your career path. There are many types of development jobs you can focus on.                                         

Typical Career Path for a Software Developer  

The career path you choose depends on where you are starting and building your career, but this is the most common path.  

Junior Level  

At entry-level, you have little experience. You will work jobs to develop basic software according to client needs with a completion deadline. The team leader, who will also be your mentor, will be your point of contact.  

Intermediate and Senior Level  

You will become a senior or intermediate software developer once you’ve accumulated more expertise and a skill set. This position necessitates the acquisition of new programming languages and the management of software development cycles. You will mentor juniors and lead them. This stage will expose you to project budgets and specific business strategies.  

Tech Lead  

A tech leader oversees the entire development process. This role involves leading a team and reporting progress to stakeholders. Also, a lead tech provides input in decision-making processes.  

Team Manager  

Team manager roles are suitable for those with strong leadership skills and a keen eye for getting the best out of people. A team manager also addresses issues relating to the work being completed by their employees and oversees their career progression.  

Technical Architect  

Technical architects specialize in logistical software systems. They design, implement and maintain IT security systems. In addition, they examine the structure of emerging technological systems. They’re also in charge of working together with the software development team. 

Technology Officer in Charge  

For most people, being a CTO is their ultimate professional objective. As a CTO, you will have a significant impact on your company, since you will help it achieve its goals using technology. Predicting the technology required will be your primary duty.  

Your professional path will most likely come to a crossroads, depending on the field of software development you choose to concentrate on. You can work in people management or systems management. Your personality and job objectives determine the path. The importance of one path is equal to that of the other.  

Find Success as a Software Developer  

Software developers create digital products and provide services geared to improve people’s lives. Software development is an exciting and distinctive industry. It constantly adapts to the ever-changing demands of society. Further, the high demand and the above-average starting income are important factors in this career path. By gaining experience and expanding your professional skills, you will have many opportunities to develop professionally.  

A career in this sector might lead you down a number of different avenues, and Woz Partners can help you get started with the training you need. Software development can be an advantageous career option, both financially and professionally.  

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