Technology companies face a shortage of employees with the technical knowledge and skill to fill their job openings. Even in the United States tech hubs, companies cannot find the workers they need to fill the demand for new technology jobs. The solution is an old one, but tried and true. Apprenticeships are back and the perfect way to start a career in tech.

A technology apprenticeship is an opportunity to start your career in tech field, without a four-year degree. A technology apprenticeship opportunity could be the key to gaining an entry-level job with top technology companies

Why Start a Tech Apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship is often thought of as an old way of training a new generation at a particular task. But, the reason no one went to school to learn how to become a blacksmith was that the best way to learn to be a blacksmith was at the forge under the watchful eye of a master blacksmith. 

A study, by Joseph Cash and his colleagues, demonstrates how hands-on learning in automotive technology increases knowledge and practical ability to recall and perform tasks, especially when combined with later reinforcement and coaching. Typically, people learn better in models of learning that resembles an apprenticeship.

Intuitively this makes sense. To learn highly visual and interactive skills like software development and application support, spending time working hands-on with real-world challenges allows apprentices to gain the essential skills and competency to be successful in an entry-level IT position. This proven model is why, due to the industry’s demand for skilled workers and the need to produce qualified and pre-vetted workers quickly, technology apprenticeship is rising. 

Benefits of a Tech Apprenticeship

  • Gain hands-on skill and knowledge in technology
  • Receive guidance from a seasoned professional who can prepare you to work for one of many technology companies hiring right now
  • Use your valuable skills in a highly in-demand career field
  • Jumpstart your technology career without a four-year degree and find jobs with global tech companies
  • Apprentices who complete programs and retain employment earn an average annual starting income of $35,000 to 40,000
  • Pre-apprentice training can be turned into college credits with our education partners
  • Apprentices who complete the program can add it to their resume — increasing their chances of furthering their career

Be Part of the Next Generation of Technology

Woz U apprenticeship partner Infosys, the global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, has immediate openings for entry-level careers in technology. 

Selected applicants will participate in an eight-week pre-apprenticeship program teaching them to design, test, and support next-gen software systems, including business applications, enterprise software, middleware, and network control systems.

What Careers Are We Hiring For?

  • Software Development with Java
  • Software Development with .NET
  • App Support

After training, candidates will possess the essential Day-1 Skills required to make an immediate contribution and be eligible for enrollment in a U.S. Department of Labor validated Apprenticeship.

How The Program Works:

  • Woz U will select individuals who meet the entry qualifications for our pre-apprenticeship program.
  • Jan. 18-March 19, you will participate in an eight-week, in-depth online training working on projects gaining you real-world, competency-based experience.
  • At any time during your employment, you are eligible to pursue a bachelor’s degree online with our online partner universities. Woz pre-apprenticeship training easily articulates into college credits — making it easy to transfer into an accredited four-year degree program.

What We Are Looking For:

  • High School Diploma, GED, or associate’s degree (those with bachelor’s or master’s degrees need not apply)
  • One year or more of prior corporate work experience
  • Strong desire to learn technology skills
  • Excellent communication skills, experience working directly with customers and clients
  • Ability to thrive in a remote learning environment
  • A natural problem solver
  • Willing to relocate to a client location within the continental U.S.
  • Must be authorized to work in the U.S. (U.S. Citizen or Green Card holder)

What Are You Waiting For? Start a Career in Tech

Click here to apply to the Woz U apprenticeship program today. You can be on your way to changing your life by working in a high-demand industry.