Tech hotspots like California have as many as 45,000 jobs in cyber security open at any given time. And there may be as many as 350,000 openings nationwide; many of them are entry level.

You may not know it, but most cyber security jobs start at $70,000 per year and up, according to a report by Next Web, which cited Ashton Mozano, a cybersecurity professor at the University of San Diego. Tech hotspots like California have as many as 45,000 jobs in cyber security open at any given time. And there may be as many as 350,000 openings nationwide; many of them are entry level.

If you are pursuing a career in this field, it ‘s always helpful to know what kind of job you can land after you ‘ve completed your education. What follows are nine hot cyber security jobs with a starting salary of least $75,000 per year or more.

Information Security Analyst: $92,000 +

As an information security analyst, you ‘d be entering a competitive career field where you ‘d serve as the guardian of data and information systems. As such, you ‘d be tasked with planning and executing various security measures in an ongoing capacity to help protect the databases, information systems and networks from cyber threats.

IT Manager: $135,000 +

IT managers have a lot on their plates. They coordinate with decision makers and they manage a team that ‘s underneath them. One of the wings under the command is cyber security. In the always-changing technology demographic, a well-rounded IT manager will have cyber security experience and will pursue a continuing education as well. While cyber security is the mainstay of the job, ensuring network security is an ongoing duty. Those well-versed in information technology and cyber security can score high paying jobs in this field.

Network Security Architect: $101,000 +

One of the more in demand openings right now for those looking for careers in cyber security is a network security architect. In this role, your job would be to design and secure cloud and in-house networks as well as databases, while protecting them from threats in real-time. In most scenarios, you ‘d serve a managerial role and have a supporting staff to help you manage your duties.

Cyber Security Analyst: $90,000 +

A cyber security analyst is a desirable entry level position that comes with a cushy salary and equally as enticing perks. In this role, you ‘d be helping businesses assess, prevent and deter threats. At the same time, you ‘d be working with the IT manager and security team to help improve network security and intrusion detection and prevention methods.

Manager of Information Security: $85,000 +

As the manager of information security, your role would be multifarious. You ‘d work alongside cyber security analysts, IT managers, and information technology specialists to ensure that business information is properly secured and safely managed through inter-company and internal transit.

Information Technology Specialist: $75,000 +

An information technology specialist is a role that requires experience and education in cyber security but is not necessarily a cyber security driven career. These professionals help improve network uptime and speed while putting into place measures that work to detect and prevent intrusion. They also are responsible for network and hardware as well as software upkeep.

IT Infrastructure Support Engineer: $90,000 +

As an IT infrastructure support engineer, one of the key roles you ‘d be playing would be intrusion detection and prevention and antivirus integration. You ‘d be the wearer of many hats and would be tasked with coordinating with various other internal IT roles to ensure that infrastructure readiness, uptime and security were foremost, with any network updates, software or hardware integrations and required, ongoing maintenance methods also being addressed.

Cyber Security Business Analyst: $100,000 +

A cyber security business analyst is different from a cyber security analyst in the sense that you ‘d be working with these professionals and collaborating while generating insights and reports for the business that employs you. In this junior level position, you ‘d likely have several cohorts under your wing to help you fulfill your daily tasks.

Threat Hunter: $76,000 +

A threat hunter is an entry level role in cyber security. In this field, you ‘d be helping to detect incoming threats as well as putting deterrents in place to safeguard against future attacks. Threat hunters often work for cyber security firms and help with securing networks and information systems for clients of these firms.