Change and growth are inevitable in all industries, including tech. The tech industry grows faster than any other while facing an interesting dilemma. There is a shortage of skilled and talented individuals to fill the ever-increasing positions. Further, the deficit can only worsen with approximately 85 million shortage of talents across all sectors by 2030. Hiring is becoming challenging, especially because tech is, generally, a newer industry. Thus, organizations haven’t nailed down the recruitment process yet. Tech companies need well-thought-out hiring strategies to recruit the best and bridge the talent and skills gap. This article looks at the top 5 recruitment strategies for tech in 2022.

1. Diversify the Process to Improve Candidates’ Experience

Hiring in the current world is majorly cross-platform as every recruiter seeks to provide a seamless experience to potential employees. Indeed, one cannot rely on just one channel or platform to recruit top talent. Seek and engage candidates across several online and offline recruitment platforms to get the best.

Your communication channels should be in line with your recruitment strategy to attract the crème in the industry and assure them the best experience –this, somehow, defines your brand.

2. Create and Strengthen Your Brand as Recruitment Strategies for Tech

A company’s brand affects reputation and position in the job market. Then, it affects the kind of talent you attract and retain. Given the inadequate skills and talents in tech, you should have a strong and positive brand to attract the best talents. HR is charged with creating, updating, and monitoring your company’s brand and reputation by creating a narrative, which connects with and inspires individuals to work for you.

3. Acknowledge and Embrace Remote Working

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are working from home –this trend isn’t changing in 2022, with approximately 58% of employees opting to work from home. Recruitment strategies for tech need to align their hiring processes with the needs of working remotely, to make recruitment relevant and adaptive to the changing work environments.

4. Maximize Employee Retention and Bad Hires

Losing an employee is more expensive, and so is a bad hire. A good brand and company approach towards employee appraisal, fulfillment, and a positive working environment are some sure ways to retain employees, build a brand, and reduce turnover.

Determining candidates’ performance during interviews and from resumes is difficult. To reduce bad hires, you can put strategies such as case-based screening and General Mental Ability (GMA) to predict applicants’ performance based on how well-skilled and equipped they are for their respective positions.

5. Using Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeship programs are among the best employee development programs to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity. These programs will also help attract and find the right talent for careers in tech in 2022.  Once you find and recruit individuals matching your organization’s needs, an apprenticeship program also helps create flexible training opportunities to sharpen their skills more. Through apprenticeship, you’re able to build a strong team and brand, retain employees, and minimize employee overhead costs. You’ll have a team of loyal employees who are willing to work and produce optimally. Thus, a reduced turnover rate in 2022.

Woz U Can Help With Recruitment Strategies for Tech

Hiring in tech can be pretty challenging, owing to the scarcity of the right skills and talent for the growing opportunities. We are here to help. If you’re a tech company having trouble recruiting talent, consider WOZ Enterprise’s apprenticeship, train-to-hire, or direct hire programs. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss suitable options for you to build an apprenticeship, train-to-hire, or direct hire program.