Harness the power of the Big Data and Data Science Program Course Work in as Little as 8 months!


If you envision analyzing neat, clean spreadsheets of information while learning data science, then you’ve come to the wrong place. That’s not how companies store their data in the real world. And, it’s certainly not how Woz U’s data science online course work is designed to teach you.

Over this series of data science classes, you’ll receive realistic industry training: learn to wrangle the same big, disorganized data sets you’ll encounter once working in the field. Train in the top statistical programming languages employers are looking for: Python and R. Harness the power of data management in SQL and NoSQL using Mongo. Unpack tech sector buzzword “Machine Learning” into its fundamental concepts and practices.

These data science courses are designed to have you working the same way the pros do: collaboratively. Manage projects with a team of fellow data scientists using Agile Project Management. Complete the program ready to apply the technical and soft skills for success in a rapidly growing, yet competitive industry.[1]

What You’ll Learn in Data Science Courses
  • Data Mining

  • Metric and monitoring strategy and implementation

  • Predictive modeling

  • Machine Learning Algorithms

  • And regression analysis are just some of the subjects you’ll learn in these data science classes


See detailed descriptions of each data science course below:

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Classes are offered as a total program via our Powered by Woz U partner schools.

Course Name Course Description—What’s Covered Course Length
Basic Statistics Learn data science fundamentals to get you started, like descriptive and inferential statistics and probability. Learn the basics of navigating spreadsheet programs like MS Excel and perform z-tests, t-tests, Chi-Squares, and data visualizations. Up to 3 weeks
Programming Foundations in Python Programming fundamentals with Python: algorithms, Boolean logic, data types, data structures, object-oriented programming, best practices, and debugging. Up to 3 weeks
Databases Data extraction and organization with SQL and NoSQL. Up to 3 weeks
Statistical Programming in R Think like a programmer and start programming with the statistical software package R. Become familiar with R practices: data loading, manipulation, and basic statistics analysis; and accessing libraries to utilize functions. Up to 3 weeks
Metrics and Data Processing Metrics creation and monitoring for contemporary business needs: statistical process control, survey development, and measurement reliability and validity. Up to 3 weeks
Data Wrangling and Visualization Fundamentals of data manipulation and visualization in Tableau, R, and Python. Covers advanced data visualization techniques like infographics. Up to 3 weeks
Intermediate Statistics Build upon statistics fundamentals in Python, then learn advanced techniques in Python and R such as Analyses of Variance (ANOVAs), Multivariate Analyses of Variance (MANOVAs), and covariate work. Deeply understand statistical power. Up to 3 weeks
Machine Learning and Modeling Machine learning fundamentals and techniques, respectively: supervised vs. non-supervised systems; random forests, clustering, decision trees, and more. Modeling practices in R and Python: logistic regression, linear regression, non-linear regression, and step-wise regression. Data simulation. Up to 3 weeks
Introduction to Big Data History and fundamentals of big data. Intro to big data tools with exercises in PySpark. Up to 3 weeks
Group Project Choose real-world data of interest and questions to answer with that data. Practice Agile teamwork in wrangling, mining, and analyzing data for a completed project published on GitHub and Kaggle. 6 weeks


One of the biggest challenges of upskilling to work in tech is KEEPING UP. The last thing you want to do is discover the data science techniques you invested in learning are dated by the time you go looking for a job.

We get it. Woz U’s Data Science & Big Data training program is designed to teach you exactly what you need to know quickly and affordably. And FOR LIFE. That’s right. Come back anytime the data science course work is updated to learn the latest information and analysis techniques.

The benefits of these data science courses don’t stop there. Personalization and skills validation are included in this program. And then there’s the CAREER

Collecting data is no longer exclusive to big tech corporations. Businesses of all sizes are doing it. But they can’t get far with all that information without analysts to make sense of the data. Research shows job postings for data scientists growing far faster than workers searching for them: 344 percent vs. 14 percent.[2]

Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics support this: job growth through 2028 for computer and information research scientists, as the BLS classifies data scientists, is set to be 16 percent. This is much faster than the average of 5 percent for all occupations.[3]

Data insights are driving the decisions of just about every type of entity: the federal government, computer systems design companies, scientific research and development firms, universities, and the list could go on. Any company that collects data needs a data scientist. Your work as a data scientist could inform company decision making, effectively shaping the future.[4] Could you imagine playing a more important and satisfying role in the world?
What’s likely the second biggest challenge to training? Finding the time. When you’re already working full time, it can be difficult to align your schedule with a school’s. Not with Woz U’s data science online course work. Log in and start learning data science anytime from anywhere. Customize data classes to your schedule!

Demonstrate your data science knowledge and skills with a certificate of completion of the Data Science training program. *Part of a Powered by Woz U partner.


Meredith Dodd, Ph.D.

Meredith Dodd data science instructor

“I will never, ever give up on you. I get personally invested in seeing every student I work with succeed and I will do absolutely everything I can to help you!”

Meredith Dodd, Woz U’s Expert Data Science Instructor[5]

Health Psychology Ph.D. and industry vet Meredith Dodd was crunching numbers to improve the experiences and outcomes of patients suffering with chronic pain before the term “data science” was even coined.

Before data science became Glassdoor’s “#1 Best Job in America,” companies were calling upon experts like Dodd to organize and interpret their colossal pools of data.

As one of the first “data scientists,” Dodd has seen the entire evolution of the profession—and even helped shape it through her 30-plus contributing articles to Data Science! She’s also created these handy reference charts to help students understand the skills and experience needed at different levels of the career.

Dodd brings this deep understanding of the concepts and practices of data science and its surrounding industry to Woz U’s Data Science program. From the curriculum to the instructors, students receive comprehensive data science training and career support.

Ready to launch your Data Science career?

Ready to launch your Data Science career?