Looking for computer support specialist jobs? Not all cities are equal when it comes to tech offerings. The following list of 10, however, are burgeoning tech hotpots and give you the greatest chance of landing your dream job in this field.

No. 1: Seattle, WA

A booming tech hub that hosts the headquarters for online retailing giant Amazon and the brick and mortar hybrid online retailer Walmart, Seattle ‘s tech industry is hopping. Fueling it is a rapid expansion of technology districts and the fact that software and technology related jobs in this city increased by nearly 7% from 2012 to 2017.

Let ‘s also not overlook the fact that Microsoft is headquartered in Seattle as well. As online services industries have become increasingly in demand, and as e-commerce becomes the norm, there are few other places where you ‘ll find computer support specialist jobs in greater demand than here.

No. 2: Washington, DC

Our nation ‘s capital is also a tech hotspot. While growth in this city for the tech industry is not as lavish as in Seattle, it did see a 1.3% increase in technology jobs last year.

A few notable companies that are currently offering everything from software development to computer support specialist jobs include big names like Oracle, IBM, Kaplan, Cengage, Lexis Nexis and others. What ‘s more, you ‘d be just minutes away from visiting an array of national monuments and landmarks, which is especially enticing if you are a history buff.

No. 3: Detroit, MI

Detroit is on the rebound and is still home to the Big Three automakers, General Motors and Ford. New tax incentives and lower income tax rates have attracted some big tech providers to this region in recent years, too, helping spur growth of computer support specialist jobs to a 0.8% increase year-over-year.

With a low cost of living and minimal taxes, it ‘s a viable option consider for those looking to change over to a new career with reduced overhead/living expenses.

No. 4: Denver, CO

Denver remains a popular tech hub, with entire districts in the downtown region being dominated by technology companies, modernized buildings and gentrified areas.

The reduced cost of living in this city combined with the presence of major players like Google, which recently increased its workforce here by 100%, makes it a great place to consider relocating for computer support specialist jobs.

No. 5: Austin, TX

A nearly 1% increase in available technology jobs over the past year has made Austin an easy addition to this list. Computer support specialists can find careers at well-known companies like Home Depot, Indeed, iHeartMedia and many others.

No. 6: San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is quickly becoming a technology industry friendly city. While the cost of living remains high, a lot of workers commute in from nearby surrounding areas where they can live more affordably yet reap the rewards of a much higher paying job in the city.

For these reasons, it should be in your hit list if you are looking to maximize your computer support specialist salary and don ‘t mind a longer morning drive to work as well as lengthier evening commute home. Big companies that are hiring include Gap, General Electric and Under Armour.

No. 7: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Like its sister city Austin, Dallas, Texas is a tech bubble as well. It hosts large companies that include AT&T, Capital One and countless others, with over 12,000 jobs currently open in the technology sector. These job openings represent a surefire tech boom that doesn ‘t show any signs of calming down in the near future.

No. 8: New York City, NY

There ‘s no doubt that New York City is an expensive place to reside in. But it is surrounded by many affordable suburbs and the public transportation system is bar-none. If you crave the nightlife, culture and ambiance that is New York, a variety of computer support specialist jobs are open that offer competitive pay and benefits for dedicated employees.

No. 9: Orlando, FL

Imagine living next to the sandy beach and enjoying an average annual temperature that hovers around 70-degree Fahrenheit. If Orlando is calling your name, tech companies like Universal Studios and Disney have numerous openings along side hundreds of other job opportunities for computer support specialists.

No. 10: Raleigh-Durham, NC

Raleigh, North Carolina hosts 11 universities and colleges and is a financial sectors hotspot with banks like Deutsche Bank, Fidelity and Credit Suisse. The low cost of living and the immediate vacancies in tech jobs make this a smart destination for those seeking a new career path and a change of pace.