Employees are the most valuable assets for any company. This doesn’t prevent most from failing to realize the changing demands of employees. To most employees, salary is a threshold rather than a scorecard. Many top tech companies use various perks to retain employees. Find out the top 10 employment perks here.

1. Health Insurance

After salary, health insurance is the next staple benefit for your employees. It is of the utmost importance since it allows you to cover your employees’ medical bills and their families. A Robert Half survey found that 76% of employees feel health insurance is essential and basic.

2. Include Remote Working Days in Employment Perks

Since the COVID-19 disruptions, many tech employees would love to work remotely. It is, indeed, now a norm for most companies, and it gives them the flexibility to work from anywhere they want. Many employees look forward to working in companies allowing for remote work.

3. Flexible Work Schedules

Tech experts always need time to cool off after busy days in the office. Their work involves straining whenever there are issues with software or hardware in the office. Working half-days on Friday or something similar will help rejuvenate and be more productive.

4. Performance Bonuses

The effectiveness of monetary incentives has its limits. You can use it more effectively to boost your employee morale and to keep working at maximum. One way to do this is using a performance bonus where those who put in more effort will earn a token during the next payday.

5. Employee Development Plans

According to The Alliance, employer-employee relationships keep changing with time. Lifetime employment is no longer a viable option for most people. Further, the employee development plan will help reflect on this dynamic of a mutually enriching relationship.

6. Gym Memberships Are Nice Employment Perks

Keeping your employees fit will boost their general well-being and improve their mental health. A gym membership or an in-house gym is an effective perk to keep workers motivated daily.

7. Commuter Assistance

Employees spend so much money on commuting. Most will eventually look for jobs in companies close to their residences, leaving you with a small talent pool. Offering commuter assistance will help you get the right skills from your region of operation.

8. Vacation/Paid Time Off

Work-life balance is essential for any tech employee. You can plan for paid time off, which effectively deals with burnout and workplace stress. It will also be unique depending on your operations and the number of tech employees you have.

9. Include Diversity Program in Employment Perks

For the past few years, many companies have been hiring for cultural fit to bring in great talent and improve their workplace. It’s, indeed, a valuable benefit that enables employees to interact with colleagues from diverse regions.

10. Paid Parental Leave

Professional men and women who want to lead a fulfilling life with family require parental leave. They can, thus, spend quality time with their family, giving them peace of mind and enhancing growth.

Find More Employment Perks for Your Tech Company

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