Ever wonder what some of the hottest IT support specialist jobs are and what salary and perks they offer? We took a look around to see who was hiring and what they were offering. These five companies easily top the list for offering the most lucrative positions in this field.

IBM – $68,000/year

International Business Machines, more commonly known as IBM, offers one of the most lucrative paying IT support specialist jobs that you ‘ll find anywhere. With an average annual pay grade of $68,000, it ‘s also in the highest threshold for salary, too.

Of course, you ‘ll also enjoy working alongside a team of today ‘s brightest rising IT stars, as you take advantage of a modern and open office setting that ‘s rich with amenities. In this role, IBM says that you ‘ll be assisting with computer set-ups, installation, troubleshooting, service, upgrades and maintenance.

U.S. Navy – $50,000/year

The United States Navy is currently hiring IT support specialists. You ‘ll have to go through basic training and commit to a certain number of years of service. A military background on your resume looks great to prospective future employers, though.

In fact, many of the leading cyber security jobs in IT look for clearance backgrounds like you ‘d get in the Navy. Entering into an IT role here early on in your career would result in you having the opportunity to grow into a future role with a cyber security firm or large IT company that allows you to maximize your career potential.

Aside from the numerous perks that you ‘d enjoy as an enlisted person, after your enlistment, you ‘d be able to go after higher paying jobs that require a security clearance. In these situations, jobs typically start at $60,000 per year and up.

United States District Court – Greenville, SC: $79,600/Year

Even courthouses need an IT professional. That ‘s what the US District Court, District of South Carolina is currently seeking. In this evolving role, you ‘d be eligible with the necessary certifications and background. Naturally, you ‘d need to pass a background test and some of their prescreening requirements first to be considered.

Courts have computer systems, too, and that means that anything that can go wrong with them often does. A hands-on role, you ‘d be helping maintain and support the computer, hardware and software as well as networks in this district. Perks include a strong salary, medical and dental benefits and paid time off.

Apple Home Advisor – $42,00/Year

Apple doesn ‘t force all of its IT support specialists to work in-house. Rather, the company also allows a substantial portion of its helpdesk and phone support staff to work remotely from home under the Apple Home Advisor program.

Depending on the department that you end up working for, a typical day could see you helping customers resolve phone, tablet or computer issues. You ‘d also be responding to support tickets, returning email support inquiries and assisting with troubleshooting, installation and setup issues.

Working at Apple comes with an array of benefits that include things like full benefits, paid time off, and more. Additionally, the support positions are paid on a W2 and not a 1099, so you won ‘t get hit with a big tax bill come April 15th.

Dell Technical Support – $45,000/Year

One of the best-known names in home and business computers, Dell is always hiring for qualified IT support specialists. Key duties include: Troubleshooting, software installation, driver updates, hardware maintenance, email, phone and chat support.

Dell offers a plethora of entry-level potions and opportunities to candidates, especially when they demonstrate that they ‘ve received pertinent certifications in their role. With perks like included benefits, paid vacations and more, it ‘s easy to see why this is a popular place to work in the IT field.