The current demand for tech talent has become highly competitive. Thus, it is getting hard for tech companies to find experts who want to join their team and stay long-term. As the need for skilled tech employees continues to grow under a restricted supply, companies need to be creative and develop the best ways to attract and retain tech talent. You have to change everything from your organization’s culture to how you advertise your job positions and treat your employees. Read on for tips you can use to attract and retain top tech talent in your company. 

1. Offer Apprenticeship Programs to Find Tech Talent

If you are looking to attract tech talent, consider offering apprenticeship programs or train-to-hire opportunities. Indeed, more than 65 percent of apprentices would be willing to stay after their apprenticeship program. 

Currently, most of the population comprises millennials who want mentors willing to offer them a way to learn and grow their skills. You can also benefit from giving your interns or apprentices a little extra leeway with special projects. This encourages them to show off their new skills and makes you want to bring them on board full-time.

2. Fix Your Company Culture

Your company’s culture reflects how you do business. If you are searching for excellent tech talent acquisition, you, then, have to hire people aligned with your values. Your team should, indeed, consist of individuals excited about working for a fast-growing and innovative startup. 

To confirm if you share the same values with your team, host regular meetings and ask your employees what makes them happy. You could also listen to their suggestions about what could make their jobs easier. 

3. Provide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Eighty-six percent of jobseekers prioritize companies offering diversity when seeking employment.  To attract and retain top talent, it’s essential to make your company an attractive place for people with different backgrounds, genders, races, religions, or abilities.

DEI initiatives can range from increased education about equality in hiring processes to parental leave policies encouraging female employees to return after giving birth. The key is flexibility, which can vary from one business to another. 

4. Invest in Modern Hiring Tools

Hiring isn’t a simple process and how you attract and retain tech talent matters. To succeed, you must have modern hiring tools at your disposal. A great place to start would be to look for an applicant tracking system or join job boards. These platforms can help you keep track of resumes, schedule interviews, store candidate information, conduct screenings, and manage onboarding tasks.

5. Offer Attractive Perks and Benefits to Attract and Retain Tech Talent

A 2015 study discovered 60% of people view perks and benefits as a significant determinant in accepting a job offer. This is particularly true in tech, where perks are more important than ever. You should match your benefits with your competitors’ offers, or risk losing your top tech talents. 

Win the Tech Talent Search Competition Today

For top tech companies, getting tech talent is challenging. To stand out, introduce apprenticeship programs in your company and make the atmosphere appealing to employees. Don’t forget to invest in modern hiring tools and offer your team attractive perks. 

Are you a tech company struggling to recruit top tech talent? WOZ Enterprise apprenticeship could be all you need to put your business on track. Contact us today to discuss options for building an apprenticeship, a train-to-hire, or a direct hire program.