The Information technology (IT) industry is among the fastest-growing in the world today. The rapid growth means individual careers within the IT industry are in high demand.

Employers are currently hiring for a wide variety of IT skills. Both accredited institutions and bootcamps equip learners with such hard skills. Your choice, college vs. bootcamp entirely depends on your schedule, interest, finances, and career goals.

The following article lists some advantages of receiving IT certificate training through a college vs. bootcamp.

Advantages of Tech Training from a College vs. Bootcamp


The curriculum at bootcamps is typically designed to cover a specific programming language, coding technique, or data analysis skillset. 

Curriculum offered in a collegiate setting offers more well-rounded training beyond the basic certification test prep and hard skills, including understanding the how’s and why’s, soft skills, and often covers multiple programming or coding languages. 

Bootcamps focus intensely on practical-oriented learning, focusing on real-world skills during software engineering training or any IT program. If you aim for a general understanding of more than one computer system or coding language, certificate training through a college or an accredited institution is the better option.

Evidence of Qualification

Bootcamps are mainly viewed as window dressing as the primary focus is on a specific, practical IT skill. Coding bootcamps prepare you to take certification exams in a condensed and quick format. On the other spectrum, colleges prepare graduates for entry-level IT or computer science roles. These programs have different completion periods and quality based on their content, structure, and admission criteria. A certification or degree shows interest and commitment, and often students who complete a certificate or degree program walk away with a comprehensive portfolio of their work.

Mentorship Program

Mentoring is among the many ways of learning coding, software engineering, or any other IT program. Accredited learning institutions provide students with mentors to help students acclimate and grow as well as building relations.

Mentors are usually graduates who impart their knowledge, skills, and experiences with another person, the student. Mentors offer insight and help the students identify their goals. Mentoring also opens networking opportunities once the student enters the workforce.

Benefits After Completion

A college program’s curriculum includes both theory and practical application. And, often, students receive lifetime access to course materials updated as the industry updates. Some accredited institutions offer career services to assist adult learners in finding jobs after graduation with the insitution’s employer-partners. With a bootcamp you’ll walk away with a one-time education and the hope you can find a job…on your own.

Career Outlook

Both colleges and bootcamps train learners to take the most industry-relevant certification exams from test makers like CompTIA and TestOut. In addition to technical certifications, collegiate learners walk away with certificates or degrees demonstrating soft skills and the ability to complete a longer-term program. 

Bootcamps are not regionally or nationally accredited, so individual program quality may vary. Some companies may consider college qualifications over boot camp training, especially for non-experienced graduates.

Scholarships and Grants

Colleges and other accredited institutions provide scholarships and grants to reduce the cost of technology training.

Bootcamps are not eligible for federal aid, grants, or student loans. Scholarships, grants, and also student loans can make colleges more attainable for adult learners.

Although boot camps can take a shorter period to complete and be cheaper, they might not be the best option for adults looking to secure a position in the highly sought-after tech industry. When enrolling in a certificate program with a college, you are granted the name recognition and resources of a higher education institution.

If you’re aiming for competitive market value, we believe an accredited institution is the best option. Learn more about IT training programs powered by WOZ.