Automotive Warranty Administrator to Woz U Software Developer. Read the interview we had with Alan Wilson and learn more about his experience at Woz U!

“Just like so many other things in life, it will work for you if you work for it. Woz U is a commitment; A way of life; a re-branding of yourself. It ‘s not a get-rich-quick scheme. There will be sleepless nights, headaches, pulled hair, and quite a few tears. But when you ‘re on the other side of it, looking back- it will all be worth it.”

– Alan Wilson


Woz U: “Can you speak to your experience with your instructor and/or mentors throughout the course?”

Alan Wilson: “I had an amazing mentor who was nothing short of inspirational during my time here. He would never outright just tell me the answers to a question, instead he would give me a suggestion on a concept to ponder and let me figure it out myself. My instructor truly was a master of his craft, and I couldn’t think of anyone else more intelligent that I could have been learning from through all of this.”

Woz U: “What do you think about our Woz for Life Program?”

“The development world is always changing and constantly evolving. It’s good to know that there isn’t a defined end to your path on the Woz U road, and that you can still learn some more advanced topics above and beyond what you had set out to- while still keeping that familiar structure that you were used to with the Woz Classes.”

alan wilson woz u review

Woz U: “What was your final project? What was your role in the project?”

Alan Wilson: “We created an application that searched a Movie Database and was able to create a User Generated “Top 5″ list of favorite movies. My partner and I split the work, with me focusing more on the back-end and data-moving functions. I enjoyed making the application work behind the curtain.”

Woz U: “Do you feel you ‘ve reached your career goals?”

Alan Wilson: “Woz U helped me put myself out there into a bustling job market and make something of myself. I had been with the same employer for 17 years, and my resume and online presence was VERY lacking. I was able to gain the insight needed to make educated decisions about my actions and do the things needed to secure a future for myself.”

Congratulations to Woz U Alumni, Alan Wilson for securing a position as a web developer at Simantel!