Woz U: How did your experience at Woz U help you find your first Data Scientist position after graduation?

Amy Gerrish: “Woz U’s Data Science curriculum and support specifically  prepared me to be and fit into a Jr. Data Scientist role. Ultimately, this helped me get an interview with a very data driven company, Outlier. Which in turn I secured a full time Jr. Data Scientist job.”

Woz U: What are you learning now as a Jr. Data Scientist and what does a typical day look like?

Amy Gerrish: “I’m learning to pull & analyze data, create reporting & help drive digital marketing decisions. I use sql daily to pull the data I need to analyze or create reports with. From sales add ons to website visitor demand. Since I understand Facebook’s machine learning algorithm I also monitor online sales and help optimize campaigns. I helped book 203 parties and drove $80k in gross revenue first quarter 2019 with these campaigns.“