Many computer technology careers pay very well and have a positive outlook for future employment, but the IT manager salary is one of the highest paying computer tech incomes available. Upon completion of a data science and technology program expect an entry level IT manager salary.

Typical entry level salaries are around $66,000, depending on the company and the industry sector. The average IT manager salary is $71.99 per hour and these upper-level management positions may also have profit sharing and bonus pay in addition to the yearly salary.

An IT Manager’s duties will involve supervising the company’s IT employees and IT infrastructure including external and internal networks (LAN and WAN), directing IT security protocols, rolling-out software platforms, and maintaining the company’s data storage.

What Does An IT Manager Do?

Information Technology Managers handle the coordination of companies’ IT infrastructure, while also managing the tech workers within the IT department. IT managers are in charge of the installation and maintenance of corporate hardware systems and the software programs the employees will use to do their job. After years in the field, an experienced Information Technology (IT) manager salary can be as high as $150,000 per year while performing or supervising the following IT manager duties:

  • Manage daily departmental operations while supervising lower-level IT employees
  • Coordinate IT purchases, operations, and maintenance with 3rd parties
  • Monitor and analyze IT system data to make informed hardware and software decisions
  • Interprets and implements corporate goals, procedures, and policies
  • Evaluate IT employee performance and oversees hiring new IT employees
  • Analyzes IT workflows to establish priorities and set deadlines

Another part of the duties established by an IT manager salary is to stay updated with new technologies and emerging IT solutions. It is critical to the company’s efficient operations to hire an IT manager that is always looking to improve and update IT software and hardware systems.

Entry Level IT Manager Salary

Entry level IT manager salaries can vary depending on the industry. For example, the IT manager salary and benefits when working for a large, eCommerce corporation will be higher. What is entry level management as it pertains to computers and information technology? An entry level IT manager will have a bachelor’s degree or an appropriate IT field of studies, such as Management Information Systems, Computer Science, or Information Technology.

The entry level IT Manager salary is lower to reflect the lack of work experience. Higher pay can be expected with 5 years or more of experience, and the salary can vary depending on the job duties and job title:

  • Average IT project manager salary – $83K per year
  • Average IT program manager salary – $65K per year
  • Average IT account manager salary – $78K per year

Computer technology is integral to nearly every industry in the country, from agriculture to publishing and from real estate to manufacturing. For this reason, there is a large variety of work in nearly any geographical area and within any industry sector.

What Are The Requirements For An IT Job?

Industries that rely heavily on a robust computer infrastructure will vary, yet the IT job requirements for information technology are quite similar across the board. Most information technology jobs at the management level will require a 4-year degree in computer science with some coursework in business management.

A typical information technology manager job description may include the following skill-sets:

  • Managing company computer systems
  • Oversee the recruiting and training of IT employees
  • Evaluating IT and data operations
  • Managing IT employees, vendors, and services
  • Audit computers systems to improve outcomes
  • Identify problematic areas and implement strategic solutions
  • Protect IT assets, including IT security and access
  • Manage annual IT budget and ensure cost-effectiveness

In addition to a BS in Computer Science, an IT manager will have excellent IT technical knowledge of computer hardware/software systems. An IT manager’s primary duties will be to take charge of corporate network installations and network administration, but they must also have the ability to manage personnel.

The successful candidate for IT manager will have improved communication skills, and have a proven record of successfully implementing IT industry best practices and processes that result in efficient workflows and effective business operations.

IT Manager Skills And Competencies

The best IT managers will have skills above and beyond the technical ability to manage a company’s computer systems and IT personnel. IT managers may face production or business deadlines to reduce computer downtime or fix hardware and software issues quickly. The ability to work well under pressure is needed at these times. Paying attention to detail and have strong analytical and problem-solving skills in required in a job where either a large problem or a small glitch can have a major impact on operations.

When working within large corporations, an IT manager must set an example for teamwork and interpersonal communications. These types of management and leadership skills are often overlooked but can make all the difference in maintaining an efficient IT network and successfully managing a team of IT employees. Competency in these types of soft skills will come with experience, as will other professional skills required of high-level managers within a technical environment that supports the business industry.

Is IT Management A Good Career?

The career outlook for IT Management is “projected to grow 11 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.” As IT solutions continue to emerge every year, IT management will be a great option for a long-term and fulfilling career. IT is actually one of the few industries where you can have a high-earning job in your 20s and 30s.

Newbies to information technology will have the option to do some job-hopping to gain experience working in multiple industries. Or you may choose to settle with a company for the long term, getting promoted and climbing the corporate ladder as your paycheck looks better and better. You may want to consider the good pay that is offered in some subsets of IT management:

  • IT field manager salary – $44K-$85K per year overseeing IT installations for multiple geographical locations
  • IT office manager salary – $29K-$63K per year managing IT office workers in their daily duties

Combine your desire to install and manage large-scale computer systems with your business-savvy attitude towards managing people, budgets, and assets in a very well paying career within the field of IT Management. Expect most days to be business as usual, but there will also be plenty of excitement when called upon to troubleshoot a down network or roll-out a new corporate-wide software platform.

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