Prior to enrolling at SCI’s powered by Woz U, Chris Short was self teaching Javascript and Node and attempting to pursue a career in web development. Now a Woz U alumni, read the interview we had with him and learn more about his experience at Woz U!

Woz U: “Can you speak to your experience with your instructor and/or mentors throughout the course?”

Chris Short: “Great experience, very friendly and very helpful!”

Woz U: “What do you think about our Woz for Life Program?”

Chris Short: “Love it! I use it occasionally to touch up on other languages.”

ch“Overall I loved Woz U, and it ‘s given me the confidence to learn, grow, and seek a career in software development. I ‘d highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to start, but doesn ‘t know where to start.”
– Chris Short

Woz U: “What was your final project? What was your role in the project?”

Chris Short: “Our final project was a location based application that allows you to store and share memories with friends and family. I was the scrum master for the project and took time to help my team learn and grow. Being the most experienced on the team with prior knowledge of node and javascript, if anyone on the team was struggling finishing a task, I ‘d assist in getting it finished, sometimes this consisted of being on a zoom call for a couple hours and walking them through the task.”

Woz U: “Do you feel you ‘ve reached your career goals?”

Chris Short: “Because of Woz U, I ‘ve managed to build a resume that I ‘m proud of. I ‘ve learned how to learn and grow quickly in the field of software.”

Congratulations to Woz U Alumni, Chris Short for securing a position as a web developer at Van Doren Sales!

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