Tech enthusiasts are excited about using the best mobile applications or the latest program on our computers. It’s a pretty easy thing to do since all you have to do is download and install whatever app you want or update to the latest version, and you’re good to go. Things get a little confusing if you’re preparing to pursue a course, thus a career in IT. Institutions offer many IT-related courses from which you can specialize, confusing the students without adequate knowledge even further. Such is the case between a software developer and a mobile application developer. These terms wouldn’t seem to stand for different things to an end-user; This isn’t the case for someone like you looking to pursue and specialize in an IT course.

This article looks at how a software developer and a mobile application developer differ and how they might be related.

Who’s a Software Developer?

Both software developers and mobile application developers create software. The main difference is the end-users for these programs. Software developers come up with, design, and build new or underlying computer software and systems.

According to IBM Research, software development comprises a set of computer science activities devised to design, create, deploy, and support software (system, programming, embedded, or application software). System development basically defines anything that involves writing code. Thus, to become a software developer, you must solve problems, be proficient in one or several programming languages, run tests to make sure every code is correct, and fix bugs. You might need to change the software by adding documentation within the original code to adapt it to the necessities.

Some features of effective software development include AI, cloud-native and cloud-based development, blockchain, low code, mobile, and model-based systems engineering (MBSE).

What’s Mobile Application Development?

A mobile application developer writes software for mobile use, i.e., Android and iOS mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. One can create various types of mobile apps, including native or brand new apps, hybrid apps, encapsulated apps, frameworks and libraries, progressive web apps, or HTML5 apps. Since most mobile applications link with servers, mobile developers need to be conversant with backend or web development as well.

Mobile apps development has most of its basics from software development, meaning a software developer can comfortably develop mobile software. The main difference between software and mobile app development is that the latter focuses on developing and writing applications specifically meant to utilize and maximize the unique features of particular mobile devices.

The Two Aren’t Worlds Apart

Although mobile app development focuses more on design and user experience and software development on developing new codes and adhering to a code of quality, both are similar, especially in terms of skills:

  • Numerical skills
  • Proficiency in writing code/programming languages
  • Problem-solving
  • Analytical and logical thinking, and
  • Accuracy and attention to detail.

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