If you’ve ever considered becoming a software developer, you may have thought, “how much do front end developers make?”

As the world grows more digital, there are more and more jobs available for software developers. Front end developers are no different.

They can make a solid living in their role.

However, what exactly does being a front end developer entail? What do they do? Is it a good career?

Before examining whether or not you want to be a front end developer, it’s important to answer all these questions along with determining how much front end developers make.

Do Front End Developers Get Paid Well?

When asking, “how much do front end developers make?” it’s important to look at a wide variety of salary estimates across the country. To determine this, Glassdoor.com surveyed of over 7,000 front end developers across the United States.

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They found that the average front end developer makes a little under $77,000 per year. The range goes from $48,000 (which is what front end developer entry-level jobs pay) to $131,000, which is what the highest-paid front end developers make.

Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the median national average salary for web developers, in general, is around $69,000.

So to answer the questions, “how much do front end developers make and do they get paid well?” The answer is a resounding, “Quite a bit” and “Yes.”

It’s a lucrative career with lots of opportunities for advancement. Pay will depend on the job’s location and years of experience.

What Do Front End Developers Do?

A front end web developer’s main responsibility is to manage and adapt the look of a website. They design the website’s layout through the use of graphics, applications, and any other applicable content needed to enhance or improve the site.

Front end web developers design these web pages using a number of coding languages like JavaScript or HTML. Some essential skills for a front end developer include:

  • Managing client expectations and meeting them to plan their website design
  • Test a website’s applications
  • Perform coding for a website’s design
  • Coordinate with either client or internal team members on what type of information will be included within the website
  • Determining the website’s layout working with graphic designers
  • Implement the various multimedia components (audio, video, and graphics) into the website
  • Review website traffic to observe the site’s performance

A front end developer’s resume may include this under roles and responsibilities. It’s the type of work that will be included within most front end developer job descriptions.

Determining what a front end developer does in their role doesn’t address the issue of whether or not it’s a valuable career, however. That will depend on what you’re looking to get out of your career path.

Is a Front End Developer a Good Career?

Determining whether or not a career is considered good all depends on the profession’s ability to grow in both the short- and long-term.

In this respect, the job of a front end developer is a great job to have.

What Do Front End Developers Do

A report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that between now and 2028, the employment of web developers, in general, is expected to grow by 13%.

This is much faster than the average rate compared to most occupations. That type of growth is particularly good for front end developers entering the employment market.

Whether you’re a senior front end developer or searching for a front end developer entry-level job, the next decade is set to be a great time to choose it as a career path.

Solid rates of pay and stability within the industry clearly make front end development a good career. But how does one go about becoming a front end developer?

How to Become a Front End Developer

Becoming a front end developer may seem simple, but it isn’t easy. It still requires a significant amount of proficiency to perform well in the role.

You’ll need to engage in front end developer training. Yes, this can be completed through a four-year university or college education, but it is not necessary.

There are plenty of developers who move on to become a front end developer without a degree. What’s more important is your ability to learn the discipline itself and then apply those concepts.

You don’t need an expensive college degree to do that.

You simply need an online outlet willing you can adapt to your specific learning style. In addition, you need time and dedication.

You may also ask, “How do front end devs level up?” as they advance throughout the industry. It’s by building a solid foundation of knowledge when they’re in the training phase of their career.

By first building this foundation, they’ll then be able to apply the concepts they learn professionally for the company of their choosing.

While undergoing that education is only the first step in the process, it’s obviously an important one. How do you know how to pick the right front end development training course?

What Knowledge Is Required?

A critical component in becoming a front end developer is receiving the proper training.

By undergoing the right training, you arm yourself with the skills and qualifications needed to succeed in the role. That means selecting the right front end developer education that will leave employers believing in your ability while giving you the skills you require.

Based on how much front end developers make, there is plenty of interest for potential candidates entering the job market. However, you can separate yourself from the competition by partnering with the right educational outlet for your training.

Front end developer certification is a necessity when entering the industry, but you don’t have to attend a four-year college or university to receive it. You can obtain it through a Powered by Woz U Program.

With Powered by Woz U tech training programs, you’ll enable yourself to learn more about front end web development while building a very valuable skill set at the same time. It’s a great career path to choose. At Woz U, we can help you be in control of your own life. See how you can get started by contacting us today!







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