Working in the aerospace industry to becoming a powered by Woz U Software Developer. Read the interview we had with Jose Salazar and learn more about his experience at Woz U!

Woz U: “What was your final project? What was your role in the project?”

Jose Salazar: “My final group project was an application that allows Woz U graduates to connect with employers. Graduates are able to create an account and submit their details such as courses they took, technologies learned, GPA, contact information, network links to GitHub, LinkedIn & Facebook social media accounts as well as search for employers that match their skills. Employers are also given access to create an account and post jobs to students.

“As for my specific role in the project, I worked on the authentication and password encryption. I took care of the main business logic of the application by building the job posting, and comments to the posts. I integrated a text editor, rather than a plain textarea, so that users can post with styles, such as numbering, colored text, bullet points, font styling and resizing. A user can also add an image or video to the post.”

“I can comfortably say, that thanks to all the technologies I learned at Woz U I was able to successfully build all the core features of this application!”


“I had the best learning experience I could’ve asked for at Woz U. The curriculum was especially well structured and organized in addition to amazing well qualified Instructors. If that wasn’t enough, I had my own personal mentor every step of the way! The best part too is that I get Woz. For. Life and can come back to continue learning any technology I want. I’d definitely recommend Woz U without a doubt!

-Jose Salazar

Woz U: “What do you think about our Woz for Life Program?”

Jose Salazar: “I think this program is amazing, because it allows us to be able to come back and keep up to date with what we have learned, as well as being able to learn other technologies.”

Woz U: “Do you feel you ‘ve reached your career goals?”

Jose Salazar: “Woz U helped me learn technologies that I’ve always wanted to learn, but that I never had the chance due to my busy schedule, and family. I have two kids and it’s very difficult to find the time. It’s not like I can wake up early every morning to go to work and then drive to a college so, Woz U has given me the opportunity to gain a great education right from the comfort of my home without having to be away from my children.”



Congratulations to Woz U Alumni Jose Salazar in completing the program!