Our lives are powered by technology with a foundation of tiny letters, lines, and numbers, and — if you have a curious mind — you’ve probably already explored the fascinating world of coding. Now is the time to take your curiosity to the next level. It’s easier than you might think to turn your passion for programming and into a rewarding career in coding.

Coding Skills are in High Demand

Coding is one of the most sought-after skills in tech jobs. When you learn to code professionally, you’re instantly in demand by some of the hottest companies in the country. In Texas alone, there are companies actively looking for employees with the right coding skills to fill more than 38,000 open computing jobs. Job prospects are best for those with a working knowledge of a variety of programming languages.

Starting a New Career in Coding

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer programmers nationally earned an average of $86,550 per year in 2019, or about $42 an hour. There are a variety of jobs requiring skills in coding, including:

Software Developer

Software developers create and modify computer applications and software, for everything from smartphones to smart homes. Careers can be lucrative, especially in Texas where software developers can earn anywhere from $66,360 up to $157,380 per year.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Computer and information systems managers work in fields such as information systems, electronic data processing, computer programming and systems analysis. In Texas, these positions can pay up to $208,000 per year for experienced managers. 

Computer Network Architects

Computer information networks and data communication networks are designed by computer network architects. In Texas, network architects starting salary can range from $68-71,000 annually. 

Mobile Application Developer

Developing innovative and useful apps is a rewarding career that requires very specific skills. There are a wide variety of positions in this field, and in general, computer occupations in Texas can earn $42,250-131,100 yearly. 

Other careers in coding include web developer, computer systems engineer, database administrator, computer systems analyst, software quality assurance engineer, and business intelligence analyst. 

What Is a Software Development Program Powered by Woz U?

Software development programs powered by Woz U will put you well ahead of the competition, offering online certificate training with accredited universities. These professional development programs give you new skills essential for success. In just 33 weeks, you’ll learn in-demand programming languages, practices, and techniques and earn a certificate as a full-stack web developer. No matter what track you choose, Woz U software development programs give you an industry-relevant curriculum, career-building services, a robust virtual workspace, and mentorship. 

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