The tech world is exceptionally dynamic, and the changes open new opportunities in various technological fields. As a tech employee, it is, indeed, essential to stay updated on the current tech careers and opportunities to optimize your job search and land the career of your dreams. Various stats show a promising future for cyber security professionals. 

According to a study by CSO Online, the unemployment rate for cyber security professionals is at 0%. Further, there are over 4 million unfilled cyber security jobs globally, as reported by Netsparker, and you will likely begin your career immediately after completing a course and graduating.

Unfortunately, nil employment in this sector is not a guarantee that everyone will get a lot of opportunities to start with. Every trainee will also be required to equip themselves with the latest cyber security techniques, software, attacks, and tools to match the competition. The field is challenging, and, thus, some skills require more engagement and learning time. Here are some of the top cyber security jobs in 2022 and beyond.

Network Security Engineer

The increased cyber security crimes prompt many companies operating online to look for professionals equipped with the skills of a network security engineer. Thus, the engineers’ task is to identify malicious bugs, software, viruses, and attempts to hack into a system.

Organizations are always trying to ensure their systems remain secure by providing security in all operations and tracking suspicious activities that may take place.

  • The top responsibilities of the network security engineer include:
  • Build company firewalls and configure intrusion detection systems
  • Carry out security patches for hardware and software in the company
  • Monitor the entire network system
  • Lastly, do forensic and security analyses to identify malice

Ethical Hacker

As the name suggests, ethical hackers perform their duties under approval from organizations to do the right things. Their intention to carry out hacking will be to identify vulnerabilities that could lead to penetration of the systems. It also helps the organization be cautious and make the necessary changes to eliminate risks.

The top roles of ethical hackers are:

  • Carrying out penetration testing to set up systems vulnerabilities
  • Identifying network shortcomings and eliminating them
  • Lastly, identifying weaknesses that a hacker can exploit during network sniffing

Cyber Security Jobs as a Manager

As a cyber security manager, your main task is to design solutions that a company will use in a data breach. They submit regular reports to the management to implement necessary security that they may lack. The organization will also create appropriate security policies for employees to remain safe through their information.

Also, they actively participate in creating a disaster recovery plan when any security concern occurs in the workplace. A cyber security manager may sometimes include budgets in their reports to layout the required infrastructure for the organization’s security.  

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