According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT engineers’ shortage in the US will exceed 1.2M by 2026. IT organizations feel the effects of the shortage, as it is becoming increasingly hard to find qualified IT professionals. Indeed, organizations have to compete for the few available candidates. Here are five issues in tech recruiting and how to overcome them.

1. Shortage of Qualified Talent

The demand for skilled and experienced tech professionals exceeds supply. The IT industry is booming with technology in many aspects of our daily lives. As a result, organizations in the IT industry are under pressure to attract and retain top talent to deliver projects effectively.

The demand for specific skills and qualifications in today’s workspace compounds the talent shortage. Many organizations also require tech experts with soft skills, formal education, and experience.

2. Competition to Attract Top Talent

Job seekers in IT have the luxury of choosing their employer. Unfortunately, this puts IT firms in an ongoing competition to attract the best talent. Thus, company culture and employee branding are the keys to attracting top talent. Organizations’ hiring and marketing teams need to work together to create a company image that appeals to new talent. In addition, companies can leverage social media and reviews to position themselves as “candidate magnets”.

3. Aligning Hiring Requirements to Candidate Qualification

IT hiring managers and tech recruiting teams may agree on the ideal candidate for a position but have different methods of arriving at it. Recruiters will need to close the process in a short time to keep up with hiring targets. Hiring managers would not mind taking a little longer to find the perfect fit for the position.

IT professionals may not express themselves well in written words like CVs and cover letters. Thus, it takes reading between the lines to find the candidate with the right skills and fit into the company culture.

Both teams need to develop clear parameters and checklists to achieve time targets and hire the perfect fit.

4. Tech Recruiting Within Tight Time Frames

Due to competition and other factors discussed above, the company that can fast-track and close the hiring process in a shorter time has the probability of landing the best candidates. Most job seekers are impatient and may give up on a job through a long hiring process.

Employers can overcome this by cutting the time between the job opening and hiring and updating the candidates through the process.

5. Changing Job Market and Hiring Requirements

The rapid rate of technological advancement keeps interrupting the hiring requirements in the IT industry. Therefore, employers need to bring talent that takes care of current needs and will stay relevant in the future. For example, look at how a candidate’s skills have evolved and willingness to upskill.

Moreover, companies must improve their brand to retain and attract future top talent to deliver efficiently in the evolving digital landscape. 

Learn More About Tech Recruiting ion Today’s Market

Organizations can tackle recruitment issues by implementing appropriate measures and considerable investment in the recruitment process. Indeed, such investments may overwhelm some companies, and that’s where outsourcing for IT recruitment services comes in.

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